Amazfit Bip vs Stratos

These are two good-looking smartwatches with different styles. Amazfit Bip is slim and classy, whereas Amazfit Stratos is bulky and sporty. They both can connect to your smartphone to provide notifications. So, which one is better? Below, you can read the detailed comparison between Amazfit Bip vs Stratos based on several factors.

Continue reading below in order to find out more about:
– Which model that is more comfortable to wear
– The build quality of each model
– The performance of Amazfit Bip and Amazfit Stratos
– The compatible fitness apps that work with these models
– The battery life of Amazfit Bip vs Stratos
– Which model that is generally more recommended

Size and Weight
The first advantage that Amazfit Bip offers is that it is slimmer and lighter. This model has a rectangular shape. The unit is rather small, with an always-on 1.28-inch color touch display. It is fitted with standard 20mm straps, which are replaceable. So, if the current straps are worn, you can easily swap them with the new ones. See also: Ticwatch Pro vs Samsung Gear S3.

Thanks to the slim, lightweight design, Amazfit Bip is actually comfortable to wear for the entire day. The weight is only 31 grams (1.1 ounces). It does not weight down your arm. And, more importantly, it will not get in your way or bump into door frames and walls.

On the other hand, Amazfit Stratos is a bit larger and heavier. Unlike the sibling, it comes with a round shape with a not-so-thick bezel. The always-on touchscreen is a bit larger, as it measures 1.34 inches. The weight is about 70 grams (2.5 ounces) – it is twice heavier than Amazfit Bip. It has a sporty look, and the body is a bit thicker.

Display Quality
Amazfit Bip only has a 1.28-inch transflective LCD. The resolution is only 176 x 176 pixels. It is pretty bright and sharp, but it is nothing impressive. At least, you can read it outdoors just fine.

Amazfit Stratos has a much better display quality. It is a 1.34-inch OLED reflective color display, with a resolution of 320 x 300 pixels. It is much sharper and more detailed. The colors are bright and solid. It is definitely much easier and more enjoyable to see.

Build Quality
One of the most important factors when choosing between Amazfit Bip vs Stratos is the build quality. While Amazfit Bip is so compact and lightweight, unfortunately, the build quality isn’t very good. Amazfit Stratos is much more durable.

To be honest, the display screen of Amazfit Bip is already tough. It is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Generation 3 and an AF coating. So, the display will not be scratched easily. As long as you don’t over-abuse it, the display won’t break.

However, the casing of Amazfit Bip is not very tough. It is not waterproof. The IP68 rating means that the unit can resist dust and a temporary exposure to rain or splashing, but it won’t be able to survive if you wear it for swimming or when taking a bath.

Amazfit Stratos also has Corning Gorilla Glass Generation 3, which protects the display against scratches and impacts. The overall build quality is much better. The casing is solid and sturdy. In addition, this unit is truly waterproof. It has been certified to be waterproof to 5 ATM or 80 PSI, which means that you can wear it while swimming or diving. It can withstand submersion up to 50 meters (164 feet) under water.

The next difference between Amazfit Bip vs Stratos is the operating system. Amazfit Bip runs its own proprietary operating system and is powered by a Mediatek processor. Amazfit Stratos runs on a customized Android 5.1 operating system (it is not Android Wear). It is armed with the Ingenic M200S chipset, which has a 1.2-GHz dual-core processor.

The performance of Amazfit Bip is not bad. Just, don’t expect rich or actionable notifications. Unlike watch OS and Wear OS, Amazfit Bip only notifies you whenever there is an incoming text or call; you still need to reach your actual phone. The GPS often takes some time to track your location. And syncing the unit with the Mi Fit app can take a long time, depending on how long since you last synced it up.

Nevertheless, Amazfit Bip is still great for those who want an affordable smartwatch that can handle many things. It can already track various activities, such as walking, running, and bicycling. It has a compass, accelerometer, and barometer. It can also track your performance on the treadmill. There is sleep tracking, too.

Amazfit Stratos is quite better. One cool thing is that it can do more things without being connected to your smartphone. It can track your activities using the built-in GPS chip, and it can play locally stored music if connected to a Bluetooth headset. While the GPS and GLONASS tracking performance isn’t the fastest, it is still reliable and accurate. The set-up is done through the Amazfit Watch app, which is easy to use.

Amazfit Stratos is certainly the most ambitious smartwatch from the company. It can natively track a lot of activities, including walking, running, trail running, hiking, triathlon, skiing, elliptical machine, climbing, tennis, soccer, and of course swimming. And there is a built-in heart rate sensor. The continuous heart rate detection is off by default to save battery life, but you can turn the feature on when needed.

Battery Life
The coolest thing about Amazfit Bip is certainly the ultra-long battery life. This model is packed with a 190-mAh lithium polymer battery. The battery capacity isn’t particularly huge, but the smartwatch can last for more than 40 days per charge. Such extensive battery life is possible because of the low-power display and the efficient operating system.

Amazfit Stratos can last for up to 5 days per charge. Actually, this isn’t bad. The battery life is pretty much similar to other smartwatches in the market. If you only use the basic functions while turning off the wireless connections, the maximum battery life is about 11 days per charge.

Amazfit Bip vs Stratos

NameAmazfit BipAmazfit Stratos
Key Features- Look as Good as You Feel: With a range of colors and options, the Bip is designed to be worn as an extension of your personal style. Weighing only 1.1oz (32g), and with a bright, transflective always-on 1.28" display, the Bip can be worn all day- Amazfit Stratos is the ultimate smartwatch for today's serious athlete. The latest smartwatch in Amazfit's lineup of fitness wearables, the Stratos combines advanced performance tracking technologies and smart convenience features in a sleek, sophisticated design

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While each model has distinctive advantages and weaknesses, Amazfit Stratos is generally better. This model has a much better build quality. The display is scratchproof, and the unit is fully waterproof. The display quality is much better, too. It can do more things than the Bip and the overall performance is better.

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