Apple Watch Series 3 vs 4

Almost everything Apple launched seems to attract people attention and this is understandable with how popular the name in the market as a high-end devices manufacturer including their recent Apple Watch Series 3 vs 4. While in general they are very similar, as a different model, there must be some differences as well. If you are considering to purchase one of them, go check how they differ and see which model suit your preference better or have the capabilities you need.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Wearing Smartwatch
– What are Apple Watch Series 3 and 4
– What Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 Look Like
– How are the Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 Interface
– What’s New on Series 4
– What Else Series 4 can offer
– Apple Watch Series 3 vs 4

Smartwatch Benefit
Thanks to the advanced in technology, human being has been so far achieving many things that help our life in various aspects; one of the most prominent is being convenience. Everything is made to be very convenient today to answer the demand of busy people so they can spend less time mingling with those we can designed to be faster and compact. For example, even with the various technologies we put in our smartphone, some of us still need additional device namely a smartwatch or also called wearable.

One of the best benefit of smartwatch is they are very convenient even more than your phone especially while you often moving around since we will need to take and glance at our screen to read message or notifications while with a watch, we just need to lift it check what’s happening without the need to hand carry your phone. Since the device is also related with fitness activity, they may able to help us to move more by putting reminder so we can get off that couch and take a walk.

About Apple Watch Series 3 and 4
While the market for smartwatch is not very lively in the last few years and manufacturers doesn’t seem to release new items to offer, Apple as one of the most well-known when it comes to smart gadgets are still here to give you a newer model of their wearable. In addition to their original Apple Watch, now we have Series 3 and Series 4 that currently still available in the market and the latter is just recently released to upgrade the older model, making it a more capable.

As for the former model, this one is the upgrade of Series 2 and it is formerly the flag-bearer for fitness and longevity with its run and cycle tracking built in the device as well as water resistant for those often play around in the water while also not forgetting the long popular heart rate monitor underside. With the release of Series 4, this model price will subside but just like many other Apple products, it won’t be very much for now.

In addition, both of them are also available in both GPS and those with LTE connectivity model as well but since the latter are more expensive, many people recommend you to get the regular model if you always keep your phone nearby, to save some bucks. Read also: Huawei Watch 2 vs Samsung Gear 3 here.

Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 Design
When you take a look at the design, there is not many differences in general between Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 because the prominent different will be the screen since the newer model is equipped with a wider screen to make them more desirable. In size, since the screen is bigger, we also get a different size option in the newer model with either 40 or 44mm while the older model is still with the 38 and 44 mm. Overall, in fashion they doesn’t seem to change much.

Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 Interface
Let’s talk about the face of these wearable first. With the new update that create a bigger screen and thinner bezel, we also see a similar brightness in both series because they can hit 1.000 nits yet in the newer watch, Apple did redesigned the interface to make it work better with the new extra space. If you check on the icons, the one in Apple Watch Series 4 are larger and have more detail as well as easier for us to read the notification.

Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 Health Related Features
While the outside look are fairly the same, the inside seems not and making the watch even more desirable. With this new series, Apple received clearance from the US FDA for two game-changing features; an ECG app capable taking electrocardiograms and an atrial fibrillation feature that will give you an alert when experiencing 5 irregular heart rhythms. As for the last, it will be available on any watch that are currently running the watchOS 5 while the other is only available in this version.

Another new and useful feature that attract people attention including us is the fall detection which we can use straight after wearing the watch but we do hope people won’t try this feature. This is because the new model is also equipped with an upgrade accelerometer and gyroscope so they will know when we are falling forward or backward as well as can gauge impact to determine if we are falling accidentally or intentionally, so apparently we can’t deceive the device.

Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 Additional Features
To make your life even more convenient, the regular crown we can find in other Apple Watch like those in Series 3 islosing one of its jobs. This is because when we want to wake Siri, we used to press the Digital Crown or speak the command and what’s impressive in the Series 4 is we can wake her by just raising our wrist and speaking, without the need to say “Hey, Siri” anymore which is sure convenient, moreover, if you are in a public places.

Now, let’s compare Apple Watch Series 3 with 4 model. As you may already know, the difference between these two wearable is on the design and the function inside since Series 4 is an upgrade model, it has a bigger screen with higher quality resolution and additional useful health functionalities not available in the older model along with a more convenient command.

Apple Watch Series 3 vs 4

NameApple Watch Series 3 Apple Watch Series 4
Key Features- Optical heart sensor - Digital Crown - S3 with dual-core processor - Accelerometer and gyroscope - Swim proof - WatchOS 5- Over 30% larger display and 50% louder speaker - Electrical and optical heart sensors - Digital Crown with haptic feedback - 50% louder speaker - S4 SiP with faster 64-bit dual-core processor - Improved accelerometer and gyroscope for fall detection

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference. If you are here to get more from Apple watch and have no issue against the price, we are going to recommend you to pick Apple Watch Series 4 because this model has some interesting new capabilities compared to its older version.

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