Casio A168WA vs A158WA 

A wrist watch is the basic accessories that you can add into the outfit to complete a look and even useful as a timepiece. There are tons of options in the market with various features and a wide range of prices but, for those who are into simple timepieces, Casio A168WA Vs A158WA will be a nice choice to consider. Both of them are convenient and useful with this retro styling but, before choosing, go see the differences below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose a Wristwatch
  • What are Casio A168WA and A158WA
  • What Casio A168WA and A158WA Look Like
  • How are the Display on Casio A168WA and A158WA
  • What Features are in Casio A168WA and A158WA
  • Are Casio A168WA and A158WA Water Resistant
  • Casio A168WA Vs A158WA

Shopping for a Wristwatch

Considering that we always have our smartphone nearby, it is probably surprising to see that wrist watch is still a promising industry with lots of enthusiasts all over the world. Why do we have to wear one when our smartphone can already tell the time and more. The answer will be because it is a classic piece and of course far more convenient at times than having to reach to our pocket and check the time on our screen. No matter which style you go, a wrist watch can complement one’s look.

A wrist watch is also much more convenient and safer when the user is doing other activities such as driving or inside a gym completing their routine for we don’t need to keep the bulky smartphone on sight. If you are into a modern, casual, sporty style who are looking for a way to be convenient and connected to your smartphone, a more capable wrist watch for smartwatch like Garmin Venu Vs Vivoactive will be the best choice since they have tons of functions, ready to access.

  1. The first thing you may want to consider when shopping for a new watch is the style and it is completely depending on your personal taste. They can be sporty, luxury, casual, or vintage but, if you don’t plan to buy one for every occasion, it is convenient to just stick with classic one such as Casio Presage which is ideal for both casual and formal events.
  2. Another factor is the watch type itself for we have either analog or digital and again, it all depends on your preference. Digital watches in general look more modern and easier to see for they have bigger fonts while analog watches retain their predecessor designs by looking simple and elegant.
  3. If you are looking for a watch that not only is going to tell the current time, it is great to choose those with added features such as stopwatch, date, calculator, or even GPS. Depending on the features, many of them may not just be a regular wristwatch anymore but can be categorized as smartwatch.
  4. Another factor we can choose when getting a new watch is their material and in this side there are also a wide range of variants to choose. We are talking about the strap and case in which can be made from canvas, gold, silver, plastic, titanium, and for the band only, leather.
  5. The last important point in our opinion is the power source because as you may already know there are mechanical which needs to be winded everyday, automatic that wind itself, quartz powered with battery, and solar power from its exposure to sun rays,

About Casio A168WA and A158WA

We are sure you must have a personal taste about how the watch should look like or what kind of features must present in the unit and if you are here then chances you love the vintage digital watch better. This type of watch is very popular but not for everyone and we admit that it is not for us as well yet, it is understandable why the model has huge enthusiasts today and there are various brands out there having the type in their catalogue.

One of them is Casio and honestly, this is the one brand that we often check first when getting a new watch because they have almost anything, any model, and with various styling to match your taste. Another pro about this Japanese company is they have a great quality as well as competitive price thus, if you are looking for a functional regular watch and don’t want to spend a lot of budget, this brand is a go to for almost everyone.

For those who are into digital but vintage watches, Casio A168WA and A158WA are going to be a great option to consider. Both of them are very similar to each other and ideal if you are fine with a smaller display because we find it is comfortable to see even in a darker room. These watches are powered with batteries and while they are not going to look amazing in gym clothes, in our opinion they can still do well for other types of occasions.

Being close brothers make these watches identical to each other and feature wise, you will find the same set of capabilities in both Casio A168WA and A158WA. In general the former which is a higher and newer model will be a better option because this model is already upgraded to make the whole unit gives a better performance yet, the price difference is very narrow. However, the older model is also carrying some pros over the design that you may want to consider when shopping.

Casio A168WA and A158WA Design

As you can see in the sample picture above, both of them are very identical to each other in which when the watch is on off condition it is hard to tell them apart without noticing the faceplate design. They come in this octagon shape with 8 smooth corners that frame the clear display and also identically stainless steel band and back. On the unit, there are 3 controls; two on the left and one on the right part. 

What’s different from the strap is that now the links are smaller so they are closer to each other and it probably will linger in your wrist better in theory but for the real-life experience, these sit perfectly good in your wrist, no significant or noticeable difference. Side by side if you pay attention closely the A168WA is actually slightly smaller in diameter than A158WA and different from the specification sheet, their actual thickness is about 9.5 to 8.5mm respectively. 

The newer model is easily taller and thicker in your wrist thus, if you are the type to move a lot and in contact with various objects, the shorter one will probably sit better and have less scratches on.

Casio A168WA and A158WA Display

Moving further, let’s check the display and on this side, Casio A168WA and A158WA are very different from each other because the latter is coming with a new backlit display. Under a good light, what’s surprising is the older one is actually easier to read for some reason and has a slightly better contrast to the dark grey area in which the black is darker compared to the newer one. However, when it comes to low-light conditions, you will still be able to see the time in A168WA.

In dark conditions there is no competition and hands down the newer watch will offer the best performance on this side. As for the overall fashion, the predecessor is simpler with mostly blue and yellow themes in comparison to blue, red, and yellow of A168WA.

Casio A168WA and A158WA Feature and Operation

The next thing we want to talk about is their features and since Casio A168WA and A158WA are practically the same here. Besides telling you the time of the day till the seconds bits, they will also give you the date. Both of them are coming with stopwatch function to let you count times without having to take the smartphone out or if you have to do something important today then we can simply set an alarm to let us know when the event is happening.

What’s different on the operational side is actually the buttons itself because while the amount stays the same along with each of their functions, the newer A168WA is giving you a more satisfying click and feels better when operated.

Casio A168WA and A158WA Water Resistant

Another feature we often look for when shopping for a wristwatch is the water resistant feature because it will stay on our hand all the time and if you are going to deal with water later, it is always best to choose the one that at least will be fine with a splash of water. Casio A168WA and A158WA have no capability to be taken into water sport activities but since they are water resistant up to 30 meters, a little rain or water will still be considered fine.

Casio A168WA vs A158WA 

These watches are a great option if you want to spend less but still getting a stylish, retro timepiece that will work for daily use. The differences between Casio A168WA and A158WA are mainly on the display because the newer model comes with a backlit display thus, we can read it in the dark but, the battery will also drain faster in comparison while from the outside, the housing is a bit thicker with smaller links on the strap.

NameCasio A168WA Casio A158WA 
Key Features- Quartz movement - Protective mineral crystal protects watch from scratches - Case diameter: 32 mm - EL Backlight, 37.5 x 33.5 x 9.5mm / 58g- Luminous rectangular dial with alarm and stopwatch - 33 mm case - Quartz movement with digital display - Three-link bracelet with fold-over clasp closure. LED light

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All in all you can go with either of them and still be satisfied but if you are liking a thinner watch or have thinner arm, the A158WA will be the best choice yet if you plan to wear and check the time at night or under a low-light condition, the A168WA is the most ideal pick.

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