Casio F91W vs F105W

Sometimes watch is more than just a timepiece because they are a popular accessory to make you feel more confident as well. Depending on the person’s taste, they can be as simple and as versatile as possible but for those who are looking for both functionality and retro look, Casio F91W Vs F105W will be your amazing choice. They are equally cheap, working good, and stylish so before getting one, go check how they differ from each other below and get the one that fits your taste the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look in a Wrist Watch
  • What are Casio F91W and F105W
  • What Casio F91W and F105W Look Like
  • How are the Display on Casio F91W and F105W
  • What else Casio F91W and F105W can offer
  • Are Casio F91W and F105W Comfortable
  • Casio F91W Vs F105W

Wrist Watch

Choosing a watch is almost like picking which trousers to buy because you are faced with tons of options in the market and all of them are working technically to be your choice yet, at the end we pick the one that fits our style or taste and budget the most. You will find an unlimited amount of wrist watch to wear with casual clothing, serious business set, or for a formal party like wedding and charity events yet, any model should work fine as a timekeeping purpose.

To ease you picking the best watch, here are some factors that you may want to consider first before heading to shop for one:

Watch Mechanism

The first or basic consideration is the power or mechanism because there are three different movements to decide and it all depends on how they fit your preference the most. The most traditional is mechanical in which manual winding movement needed to work, it is authentic and classic but definitely not convenient. Automatic is essentially mechanical but here they work automatically as we move our hand so we don’t need to worry about forgetting to rewind the crown. The last is quartz or battery movement which is the most convenient.

It however needs continuous replacement as the battery runs out of juice and the reason why some people dislike it is because it has a harsher movement, those “tic tic” noise is not preferred by some people and compared to mechanical or automatic, the other two watch hand does move smoother.

Watch Complication

This is another important consideration when getting a new watch because it tells you various useful information displayed on the face. It is highly dependent on your preference as well because not all of us will benefit from, for example Chronograph or Moon Phases. For those whose activities will need certain information a watch can offer, it is logical to get one with the function but if not, it is better to stay simple so we don’t have much to see when checking the time.

Watch Styling

This is a very subjective point and different people can have different opinions on which looks good on their hand. If you are paying attention to stylish watch, there will be probably collection of dress watches, aviator watches, or dive watches in your draw but for those whose point is to see what time is it, the one that attract your attention the most and versatile enough to be used everyday should be the best choice; it can be classy, sporty, or just simple and functional.

About Casio F91W and F105W

The best part about watch shopping is the selection time because now we can see lots of choices that match your initial preference and we can also match the budget with quality products especially if you will be using them everyday since we need something that can last for a pretty long time. A tip is try checking popular, common brands because they will mostly have the ideal model for your type and price wise, they can be very affordable as well.

One of our favorite brands when it comes to daily watches is Casio which we are sure most people, even non watch wearers, will be familiar with because of how popular this Japanese brand is. They often become our first choice when looking for a new watch and there are so many people in love with their product’s fashion and quality as well especially for those who prefer sporty looks. If you are an enthusiast, they do have some limited edition offered from time to time.

However, if your goal is only to get a watch that will show the time and date but also looks good for casual clothing and rugged enough to be your daily accessory, the classic Casio F91W and F105W will be an interesting model to consider. Both of them are sporting this retro fashion with lots of fans today and they are actually very similar to each other because it can be said that the latter is an upgraded version of its older brother.

What you will get on one watch will mostly be available on the latter and functionality wise Casio F91W and F105W are very much the same just like the Casio A168WA Vs A158WA in our previous article. It is not making the latter necessarily a better option than its older unit but there will be some upgrade to make sure the watch is at least offering better experience to its users and this may affect your buying decision yet, don’t hope to see a night and day difference between the two.

Casio F91W and F105W Design

We personally are not a fan of retro watches probably because they just don’t sit well on our preference but we do get the hype and they do look attractive especially today when people are often wearing smartwatches everywhere. Casio F91W and F105W are coming with the same design, this retro 80s and 90s are very simple and practically there is nothing unnecessary on the build so in terms of simplicity, we like how it sits well on small to medium hand.

The styling is black while the material itself is resin, just like most watches out there and you will get a rectangle display measured at 30 and 35 millimeters respectively while side by side if you put them closely, we can see that the latter is also slightly thicker in comparison. In addition, their styling is for male and the band length itself is a bit longer in F91W measured at 20 millimeters as opposed to 18 millimeters on the F105W.

Casio F91W and F105W Display

Since watches are working through the display, our first attention when looking for one is always the display and in this side, Casio is already featuring mineral crystal to protect the display on both models and the latter is also bigger in comparison so you may find this model easier to read especially while on the move. What’s different between the two is that now we have LED backlit display in F105W for better readability when you are in a darker room setting.

Side by side you can read the latter pretty well inside a dim room for example the theater while you watch a movie while the F91W is a little bit difficult to read because even when you press the top right button, only this side will offer a very dim green lighting that will not be sufficient enough to read especially if you are wearing glasses like us. However, in daylight, their displays are very contrasting and comfortable to see.

Casio F91W and F105W Feature

The next part we want to talk about is their complication because here you will get the type of information available and not only the time, Casio F91W and F105W are going to display several common marks as well with day, date and time down to the second counting. Beside the timekeeping function, both of them are also featured with a stopwatch function that you can access with the buttons located on the side of the display. If you often forget some events, they can offer the alarm reminder for you.

Most casual watches today are water resistant to make sure the unit last longer and this is not different to these models because they are going to fine with light rain or accident water sprayed when you washing hand but, they are not made for water sport and in comparison, the F105W has slightly better rate than its brother.

Casio F91W and F105W Comfort

The last point we want to talk about is their comfort because, for something we will have to wear for hours, wrist watch must be comfortable enough on your hand. Thankfully there is no issue at this point and while their resin band doesn’t sound that appealing, they are working well to complement the look and light enough to make you forget that there is a watch there but, in comparison the slimmer and lighter F91W will be slightly more comfortable to move around.

Casio F91W vs F105W

These watches are a great choice for retro watch enthusiasts or people who just want to get a functional watch that will last pretty long. They are well built, have all the basic information displayed but also different because in comparison, the F105W is coming with larger display as well as thicker form and this meant to add the backlit function to allow you see the watch face in low-light condition. Additionally this model has slightly better water resistance.

NameCasio F91W Casio F105W
Key Features- Micro Light, Hourly Time Signal, Auto Calendar - 12/24 Hour Formats - Dial Code: Digital - Water Resistant- EL backlight - 1/100 second digital stopwatch - Daily alarm - Accuracy: +/-30 seconds per month

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All in all it is wise to choose the one that fits your preference the most and between the two, we do like the F105 better, especially if you have a larger wrist and this model also better in readability under low-light condition.


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