Casio Men’s Quartz vs Resin Casual Watch

To look stylish, sometime it is not enough with dressing good since we can add some accessories to support our overall appearance and look. For men, adding a wristwatch can be a good option as well but for those who just want to have a timekeeping piece, Casio Men’s Quartz vs Resin Casual Watch can be your next favorite item. If you are also eyeing these models, go check our article below to see whether they suit your taste on not.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Different Types of Watch
– What are Casio Men’s Quartz and Resin Casual Watch
– What Casio Men’s Quartz and Resin Casual Watch Look Like
– What Information you can get in Casio Men’s Quartz and Resin Casual Watch
– What else Casio Men’s Quartz and Resin Casual Watch can offer to you
– Casio Men’s Quartz vs Resin Casual Watch

Analog or Digital Watch
When it comes to style, it seems that each one of us already have their own preference and it is fine since we also have different taste. This also include the kind of accessories we like and overall appearance such as elegant, neat, sporty or casual. One accessories that has been used since long time ago but also serve a different main purpose is wrist watch because today, many people are not wearing them only as a timekeeping tool anymore but alsofor fashion.

In general, wristwatch can be separated into digital and analog which is based on how they show the time. Analog display has been used for so long and it is the original or most effective method to state the time so wearing an analog watch may give you a more authentic look while for those with digital display will give you a more modern appearance along with other related information that you can see from your watch. In addition, analog can work with different mechanism while digital will work based on quartz or battery.

About Casio Men’s Quartz and Resin Casual Watch
For those who want to wear a wristwatch but only need the one for timekeeping and not to make you appear more elegant or classy, Casio is a nice brand to pick. This Japanese electronics makers is probably one of the most popular affordable watch manufacturer out there with their huge collection of watch ranging from those in tens bucks to those in hundreds. Following the market, they also upgrade and introduce new models from time to time to keep up with the trend and demand.

This brand is the one you want to pick if your main goal is to look for a timekeeping tool and want it to be durable since many users are agree about the brand being one of the most affordable and durable so you can knock them and just wipe it without having to worry about damaging the unit. If you are preparing to spend less than $20, two nice models you may want to check out are Casio Men’s Quartz and Resin Casual Watch.

Both of them are very different since the first time you lay your eyes on them and also serve for different taste as well because the first model is made to look more professional for the design is rather serious and functional while the latter is giving you a sportier look and probably suit those who want to keep things as simple as possible. Read also: Timex Ironman Essential vs Casio G Shock here.

Casio Men’s Quartz and Resin Casual Watch Design
Men’s Quartz is a digital watch and this model is featured with the standard rectangle face which is made from plastic and covered with stainless steel on the back. As for the band, it is the regular stainless steel bracelet with fold-over clasp closure to tighten the band. At the other hand, Resin Casual watch is made with resin material so in comparison, it will be lighter as well when used and since it is an analog, the watch face is round.

Casio Men’s Quartz and Resin Casual Watch Information
Moving deeper, let’s talk about the information you can see on these watch because this will decide which model serve the kind of application you want. For Men’s Quartz, this watch is very useful for everyday timekeeping because it already displaying the time including seconds, day and date so we can check whenever we want. We may also set the display to show either 24 or 12 hours format as you prefer using the control on the outer frame. The display is dark grey and has a pale green light inside to illuminate the face.

For the Resin Casual watch, as you can see from the sample picture above, this model is only capable of showing you the current time in analog display so there is no additional information we can get from this watch. When first arrive, the watch is already running and apparently unless there is a problem or you are running out of juice, the movement can’t be stopped.

Casio Men’s Quartz and Resin Casual Watch Additional Features
In addition to the regular information, Men’s Quartz from Casio also support alarm and stopwatch which both are not present in the other model. We can access it through the lower left button and press the upper button to set the hour or the opposite button to set the minute then finish it by pressing the lower left button to save and back into the timekeeping mode. As for the stopwatch, it is accessed through the right button and it can only count up to 59.99.

For those who often doing an outdoor activity, both of Casio Men’s Quartz and Resin Casual Watch are already featured with water resistant build so you can take it easy when accidently splashing your watch with water or forget to take your umbrella when the weather is not very friendly out there. However, they are not sport watch so don’t swim or dive while wearing them.

Now, let’s compare Casio Men’s Quartz with Resin Casual Watch. As you may already know, the difference between these wristwatches are on the design, information and additional features because as a digital watch, Men’s Quartz offer more capabilities and other timekeeping related information as well which are not available in the other model.

Casio Men’s Quartz vs Resin Casual Watch

NameCasio Men’s QuartzResin Casual Watch
Key Features- Luminous rectangular dial with alarm and stopwatch - Quartz movement with digital display - Three-link bracelet with fold-over clasp closure- Imported - Water resistant -Movement is already active, No Stop Feature.

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have different application or need the watch for. If you want to keep things simple, the Resin Casual Watch will complement your casual or sporty look but if you need more than just a watch, Casio Men’s Quartz is the better option for it can offer additional capabilities.

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