Garmin Tactix vs Suunto Core

Garmin and Suunto are both the world’s leaders in the industry of outdoor smartwatches. In this article, we will discuss how Garmin Tactix compares against Suunto Core. These two models are both designed for outdoor and tactical uses. However, there are several important factors that you have to consider, such as whether you need built-in GPS or not. Continue reading below for the details on Garmin Tactix vs Suunto Core!

Garmin Tactix
Garmin Tactix is a highly rugged and durable smartwatch designed for military users and for people who love outdoor adventures. It comes with extensive features, such as the night vision screen and the jumpmaster mode for parachuting. It also comes with built-in tide tables for the US and a worldwide basemap.It features a curved, scratch-resistant mineral glass lens which protects the display.

The forged stainless steel case is incredibly rugged, and the metal surfaces are PVD-coated to make them non-reflective. It is waterproof to 50 meters under water. The battery life is very impressive, as it can last for about 50 hours in the GPS mode on a single charge. See also: Garmin Tactix vs Suunto Ambit 2.

This smartwatch is equipped with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and ABC sensors (altimeter, barometer, compass). The altimeter monitors ascents and descents with high accuracy, and the barometer is able to predict the weather based on the air pressure changes. In combination with the GPS, the three-axis electronic compass makes a very useful feature for orienteering and navigation.

With Garmin Tactix, you will never get lost. You can easily find your way back in case of a bad weather condition or an emergency. This unit boasts a comprehensive navigational toolset which allows you to plan routes, record up to 1,000 waypoints, and record bread crumb trails. The TracBack function is very handy to guide you along a previous track log.

Suunto Core
Suunto Core comes with a slim and sleek design. The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. The menu is easy to understand, and the waterproof buttons ensure that you can take this unit for swimming, snorkeling, and shallow diving. It is equipped with very accurate altimeter and barometer. Compared to the competitors, Suunto Core’s altimeter and barometer are the best. It displays elevation in three-foot intervals, whereas the other models can only show elevation in ten-foot intervals.

However, there is one important thing to consider when choosing between Garmin Tactix vs Suunto Core. Do you need built-in GPS? If you do, Suunto Core won’t satisfy you – it lacks built-in GPS. However, it does have an electronic compass with an adjustable decline, which is pretty useful for orienteering.

Suunto Core has weather reports and daylight timers. It can show you the sunrise and sunset times to tell how many hours of daylight that you have. The storm warnings are very useful to tell when to find a shelter. The battery life varies between 8 – 12 months.

NameGarmin TactixSuunto Core
Key Features- High-sensitivity GPS positioning with automatic calibrating altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass - All metal surfaces PVD-coated in black to be non-reflective - Rugged, durable, and waterproof up to 50 meters- An altimeter tracks your vertical movement, a barometer tells the Trend in air pressure, and a compass points the way - Suunto core tracks both the weather and the sun for you

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If you don’t need built-in GPS and you want to get the most accurate altimeter and barometer, you can choose Suunto Core. Otherwise, Garmin Tactix would make a better value for the money. It comes with more features that can be very useful. It has GPS, a higher waterproof rating, and the TracBack function.

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