Garmin Venu vs Apple Watch 5

Being active and mindful about our fitness is great because our health should be a priority to enjoy life. For those fitness enthusiasts, smartwatch like Garmin Venu Vs Apple Watch 5 will be a great addition into your daily gear collection because they can be an extension of your smartphone and even offer some functionality that our main device is not capable of. If you are also eyeing these models, go check what they can offer below and then pick the one that fits your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why do you need a Smartwatch
  • What are Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5
  • What Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5 Look Like
  • How to Use Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5
  • What else Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5 can offer
  • How are the Battery Life of Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5
  • Garmin Venu Vs Apple Watch 5

Smartwatch Benefit

Sometimes it is confusing to choose what the next device we want to purchase and use because we are not sure about their function in real-life application and whether they will be useful or worth the price. There are lots of smart devices today made to ease our activities and make them more manageable but then again, not all of us will get the best benefit from the product just like smartwatch. They can be very useful for some people and practically not worth the price for the rest.

Before you spend an amount to get the latest device or anything interesting and new, it is best to consider their benefit first and think about how they will help our daily life so then we can get the most of them. For smartwatches, here are some interesting benefits that may attract your attention:

  1. The most prominent and first reason why people are so interested in getting smartwatch is for their health and fitness features which are commonly already integrated into the operating system. In general you will get information such as the activities we are doing everyday, sleep quality and time, as well as heart rate and on some models such as Apple Smartwatch, there is Emergency SOS to call assistance through the device.
  2. The second favorite feature of smartwatch and our own favorite feature beside the fitness category is their calling feature. Model like GT 2 from Huawei in our Huawei Watch GT 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Active and other newer models are coming with an ability to tether phone calls and make calls from the device thus, we don’t have to reach for the smartphone again, just receive the call and speak to its microphone.
  3. If your hobby includes listening to music during the day, a smartwatch is a good addition to the list of device because while quality wise, they are not as good as Bluetooth speaker, the fact that they are small and present on our wrist almost all the time, makes it convenient to play a playlist such as during exercise and free time.
  4. The last is basically a collection of features which is more like the extension of our smartphone from showing notifications like emails, social media you have, incoming calls, and reminders we have made before. If you are a fan of contactless, convenient payment, many stores accept payment via Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Android Pay, or Apple Pay so we can shop easily without smartphone or wallet anymore.

About Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5

If these features seem very interesting to you and sound will give a great benefit to your daily activities, getting one will be a great decision. There are tons of smartwatches in the market both those the names we already familiar with to those we never heard of and surpassingly, all of them will be able to give these similar functionality but not all of them will provide the exact same performance or even desirable features. For those who are all about quality and richly-featured, we do recommend models from popular brands.

When talking about Smartwatch, it is difficult to not include Garmin and Apple because these are two of the largest players in the market and often compete with each other to show which will give you the best experience. There are various models in their catalogue and even not as a fan of Apple, we admit that their smartwatches are still among the best, along with other leaders like Samsung and Fossil. However, in price wise they are also not very affordable and can be said to be pretty expensive.

They always have new models to offer almost each year and for those who want to spend the budget generously while seeking for the best functionality, two of the most amazing options we can consider today are Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5. Both of them are highly rated for their features and how smooth they perform as well as how many functions we can enjoy in the device including their pretty design. The drawback Apple has is because it only works with iOS hence Android users are out of the question.

As for Garmin, since it is compatible with both operating systems, naturally this model will have a wider consumer base and this is also what makes it a great choice over Apple because not everyone is a fan of their products including the steep price. Overall you will get almost any common features from Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5 both in terms of fitness information and tracking function as well as other useful features like calls and voice command.

Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5 Design

Physical appearance is a subjective matter and this applies to how you look at these watches because in our opinion both of them are stylish and we actually have no issue about how they look on the wrist. Both of them are looking exactly like their predecessors in terms of look because Apple stays with its rectangle display while Garmin, following the Vivoactive still has this round display and now, slightly thinner bezel. Build quality wise they are great but we also admit that Apple has a better finish and has better quality.

For the Apple Watch 5, there are few versions of this model; the 40mm and 44mm, and the cheapest non GPS version with 40mm display. It has the standard, dark grey, white, and pink fashion while the round Garmin Venu has the display measured at 30.44mm in different fashion options as well. There is this full black color, tan with rose gold bezel, or dark grey with silver bezel and black with gold bezel. As for the resolution they are pretty similar at 390 x 390 compared to 394 x 324 respectively.

Operating Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5 

Both Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5 are mainly operated through the display despite the fact that you can find a few buttons and a crown on the latter to achieve some functions. Starting with the new Apple Watch, this model is boasting the new always-on display thanks to the new display technology. When you touch the watch face it will show you a variety of faces uniquely for this version with OS 6. When you press the crown, you will be entering its menu and here are tons of apps that are available in your device.

In Garmin Venu, you will also be capable of selecting watch faces that can be accessed from the bottom button and pressing this will also show you a collection of basic functions including stopwatch, alarm, and similar functions including setting. Swapping down from the upper part will show you different widgets and here there are tons of it, in fact we will mostly accessing functions from these widgets. Since they are using different operating systems, we personally feel at home with Apple’s watch yet, Wear OS is working smooth as well.

Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5 Features

When it comes to the feature side, you will get basically anything in these models because one of their selling points is how many types of exercise we can track with the watch and this includes various less-popular activities as well especially in Apple’s watch. One thing that makes it outdo Wear OS is that now you can download the app straight from the watch which makes the Series 5 even more like a standalone product yet, there will still be the accompaniment in your smartphone.

Another big improvement over other smartwatches, by Apple Watch 5 is its aforementioned always on display and the ability to directly open web-pages on your wrist. For example you can ask Siri to search for a recipe for a certain ingredient and the watch will open the web then you can open each site to see the exact information we need.

Garmin Venu and Apple Watch 5 Battery Life

Another important part in a smartwatch is their battery life and in this point, while Apple’s still good at offering all-day battery life for their new Series 5, it is actually affecting the power consumption pretty well because with heavy use, you will end with around half of what we used to have in previous model. Garmin Venu on the other hand doesn’t have the issue and probably one of the best when it comes to battery life for we can get days out of single charge with this one.

Garmin Venu vs Apple Watch 5

Both of them are a great choice if you are looking for highly capable smartwatches but they are also different because build quality and fashion wise, we do love what Apple did with the new smartwatch and it comes with the new always-on display as well as the smooth OS that we like better than Wear OS but it is also more expensive and only works with iPhone. Venu on the other hand is versatile and Wear OS is smooth yet not the best in user experience as well as lack some of Apple’s interesting features.

NameGarmin Venu Apple Watch 5
Key Features- Easily download songs to your watch - Record all the ways to move with more than 20 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps - Get easy-to-follow - Beautiful- 30% larger screen - Swimproof - ECG app - Electrical and optical heart sensors

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All in all the decision is all yours because we may have different preferences here and in our opinion, if you are seeking for the premium model, Apple Watch 5 will be a great choice but for those who are familiar with Wear OS or just want to save some budget, Venu is already offering all the basic functions and more in a smartwatch.


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