Garmin VIVOFIT 3 vs 4

Garmin has released its new activity tracker to continue VIVOFIT 3 named Garmin VIVOFIT 4. Many people are comparing them both to see what kind of improvement putted in this new device. If you are curious, go ahead and read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about;
– What is Garmin VIVOFIT 3 and Garmin VIVOFIT 4
– What Garmin VIVOFIT 3 and Garmin VIVOFIT 4 can offer to you
– Garmin VIVOFIT 3 vs Garmin VIVOFIT 4

About Garmin VIVOFIT 3
Garmin VIVOFIT 3 is an activity tracker by the well-known brand Garmin, which is very famous in the wearable technology market. Garmin VIVOFIT 3 boast it super long battery life that can last up to one year without being charged, since it is replaceable. This device is shaped like a wrist watch or bracelet and worn in similar way. The Garmin VIVOFIT 3 comes in 5 color wrist strap, but you can customize it however you like with additional accessories. The strap upper surface is textured but it doesn’t feel coarse at all. The strap is made with silicone and the regular size weigh only 26 grams. If you are interested on other activity tracker, read our article on Fitbit Flex 2 vs Garmin VIVOFIT 3 here.

Garmin VIVOFIT 3 Features
Garmin VIVOFIT 3 has waterproof ability, so you can swim with it, but it may not suitable for scuba diving. This device can shows steps, calories burned, distance taken, intensity minutes and time of the day for timekeeping. Garmin VIVOFIT 3 comes with Activity Tracker with Garmin Move IQ Automatic Detection, which able to automatically detect activity type and classified them on Garmin Connect app. With this device, you also don’t need to worry about forgetting to exercise, since it can remind you to move so you can lead a healthier lifestyle. When paired with Garmin Connect, Garmin VIVOFIT 3 will learns your activity level then signs you an attainable goal and will adjust your goal for the next day and little by little helping you to create a better lifestyle.

About Garmin VIVOFIT 4
Garmin VIVOFIT 4 is the newer version of Garmin wearable activity tracker. This device is the improved version of its predecessor. The company have lessen the color range in this device and still with battery that can last up to one year, making this activity tracker will never have to leave your side. The design of Garmin VIVOFIT 4 is still the same with VIVOFIT previous versions but slightly thinner. Garmin VIVOFIT 4 is currently offered in two size and various color, but not all the color is available in both size, such as the large version that only available in black.

Garmin VIVOFIT 4 Features
Garmin VIVOFIT 4 features always on customizable color display with 88 x 88 pixels. Since it is in color, the display also add some vibrancy an easier to see compared from the previous version. Similar to previous activity tracker, this device also able to tracks steps taken, distance and calories burned, monitor sleep and will provide you with daily goal to enhance your fitness. Garmin VIVOFIT 4 is waterproof and can be worn when swimming or showering. With the Garmin Move IQ, this device is able to detect movement automatically and classifies your activity types in Garmin Connect app.

Now, let’s compare both Garmin VIVOFIT 3 and Garmin VIVOFIT 4. The prominent difference between both is the screen, Garmin VIVOFIT 3 uses OLED display, while Garmin VIVOFIT 4 uses Transflective memory-in-pixel, so it is better than its predecessor. Other difference is the thickness of the wrist strap, Garmin VIVOFIT 3 is 11 thick, while Garmin VIVOFIT 4 is 9.4mm thick. Garmin VIVOFIT 3 is also wider than Garmin VIVOFIT 4.

Garmin VIVOFIT 3 vs 4

NameGarmin VIVOFIT 3Garmin VIVOFIT 4
Key Features- AUTO-ACTIVITY DETECTION - Capture different activities automatically and view them on Garmin Connect online - 1 YEAR BATTERY LIFE - No recharging needed. Regular:135-205 mm circumference X-large:165-225 mm circumference- Features always-on customizable color display and 1+ year battery life; no charging necessary - Tracks steps, distance and calories burned, monitors sleep and provides a personalized daily step goal (heart rate monitoring not available on this product)

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All in all, it is quite sad, since there is no new thing introduce in Garmin VIVOFIT 4. In our opinion, both of them have the same function and capability. The screen doesn’t put so much bargain here. However, if you want a better screen to ease you when looking at it, we will recommend you the Garmin VIVOFIT 4.

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