Garmin Vivomove vs Withings Activite

If you are looking for a wristwatch with a classic look that is also able to help track your fitness, you are probably interested in Garmin Vivomove vs Withings Activite. Unlike most modern activity trackers which are large and awkward, these models are as slim and stylish as your old-school wristwatch, and yet equipped with wireless connectivity and sensors.

So, continue reading below to learn further about:
– Why you must consider Garmin Vivomove or Withings Activite
– The design of each smartwatch
– The features of Garmin Vivomove vs Withings Activite
– The fitness tracking capabilities on each model
– The comparison of their battery life
– Which model that is generally more recommended for you

Garmin Vivomove is an excellent choice for people with discerning aesthetic tastes. It is not exactly a smartwatch like the typical modern models nowadays. It is more of a wristwatch with activity tracking capabilities. The huge advantage is that you can wear it for your afternoon workout sessions as well as evening gala events. See also: Garmin Vivomove vs Fitbit Versa.

Withings Activite has been designed with the same idea. It is a marriage of the traditional old-school design and the new-school technology. It has the style of a Swiss-made watch, and it tracks your steps and sleep. It is suitable for formal occasions with its classy look. If you always have a taste for fine things, this is a luxury statement that you may want to consider.

Of course, the elegant looks of these watches come with some restrictions. These watches are only able to perform basic functions, such as step counting and sleep tracking. You probably should consider a dedicated fitness tracker if you are looking for comprehensive fitness tracking features. But, for a stylish tracker that you can wear in any occasion, these models are great options.

Garmin Vivomove vs Withings Activite is available in a wide range of designs. There is the entry-level Sport variant, which sports a silicone brand and is available in white or black. The mid-range variant is the Classic, which comes with a leather strap and is also available in white or black. The high-end variant is the Premium, which is available in white with a gold-tone steel finish or black with a stainless steel finish, also with a leather strap.

With these many choices, you should be able to find one that matches your taste perfectly. Garmin Vivomove is compatible with conventional 20mm straps, so you can easily customize it and replace the strap when needed. Garmin Vivomove looks exactly like a regular wristwatch. It is a bit thick at 12mm, but this isn’t a real problem. You will never feel out of place with this watch.

Withings Activite is available in some variants, too. You can get it with a white finish, blue accents, and a brown leather strap, or with a black finish, orange accents, and a black leather strap. Both variants look cool. The build quality is good; the casing is stainless steel, and the display is protected by a sapphire crystal dome which is impervious to scratches. It is dustproof and waterproof to 50m.

There is a gym-friendly rubber strap included in the box. So, you can just swap the straps to suit different occasions and activities. This model accepts 18mm straps, so there are many other options out there. Withings Activite is said to be “Swiss-made”; at the very least, you can tell people that your watch is Swiss-made. It is not really slim, though.

On Garmin Vivomove, the face features two progress bars. The one on the left indicates your step count and fills up to 100%. The one on the right is called the Move Alert; it fills up when you are being inactive, and you need to start walking around in order to reset it back.

Unfortunately, Garmin Vivomove does not have a vibration motor, so it won’t provide any physical reminder to tell you to move. You need to check the progress bar every once in a while to see your inactivity level. Sometimes, you may pass a long period of time without realizing that you have been idle the whole time.

Withings Activite is in the same page as Garmin Vivomove in terms of simplicity. The watch face is pretty much like a regular wristwatch, except for a small dial which actually indicates your step goal progress. It does not have a visual indicator for inactivity.

On the good side, it actually has a vibration motor to give you alerts that you can feel physically. In addition, this model has a silent alarm; it vibrates to wake you up gently. However, the vibration is rather light, so heavy sleepers should set a fallback alarm just in case that this watch’s alarm isn’t enough to wake them up.

Fitness Tracking
Just like the other products from the company, Garmin Vivomove syncs with Garmin Connect. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android. Pairing the watch with your smartphone is very easy and straightforward. The mobile app will guide you through the pairing process. Garmin Vivomove can track your steps, runs, and sleep. It is suitable for treadmill running, as the accelerometer can calculate the total distance.

Garmin Vivomove tracks fewer activities compared to the more comprehensive fitness trackers, but there is still useful information tucked inside it. Prepare some time to dig around, and you will be able to find your seven-day and one-month overviews. You can analyze them to see your activities and patterns. Activity tracking is performed automatically by the sensors. You only need to sync it manually, since the watch doesn’t have background syncing.

Withings Activite connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. You don’t need to set-up the connection. The mobile app automatically connects to your watch whenever you open it. This is sometimes convenient, and annoying at other times. For example, when you just want to see the latest data, the app will take some time to launch as it establishes the connection first.

Nevertheless, the activity tracking is great. It has good consistency. It only struggles when you are doing mixed activities, such as walking and running and slouching, within a short period of time. The sleep stats are also useful to help you analyze whether you are getting enough rest or not.

Battery Life
Both Garmin Vivomove vs Withings Activite have excellent battery life. Unlike most fitness trackers, which need to be recharged frequently, these watches don’t need to be recharged at all. They work with coin batteries, just like traditional wristwatches. When you run out of battery, just replace it with a new one.

Anyhow, Garmin Vivomove has a better battery life. It can last for about 1 year before you need to change the battery. On the other hand, Withings Activite ‘only’ lasts for about 8 months until you need to change the battery.

Garmin Vivomove vs Withings Activite

NameGarmin VivomoveWithings Activite
Key Features- Easy to use - works right out of the box with no connectivity needed - Long battery life - up to 1 year of battery life, no re-charging needed - Tracks steps and move bar - the percent of your daily step goal is always displayed on the watch face so you can easily track the - Sleep monitoring: Sleep cycle analysis (light and deep sleep) silent alarm to start your day with a gentle wakeup vibration - Funtowear materials: Activate pop's design extends across the pvdcoated watch case and the smooth silicone watch strap - Free health mate app for realtime coaching

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Both are good watches, but Garmin Vivomove is generally more recommended. This model has a slightly better, more comfortable design, as the unit isn’t very thick. It also has a longer battery life. The features and performance are good, although it doesn’t have a vibration motor. Nevertheless, it is already able to track your activities with decent accuracy and depth.

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