LG Urbane vs Urbane 2

The original LG Urbane caused quite a buzz when it was first launched. The Android wear looks very stylish and classy, thanks to the sophisticated urbane design. However, the company has released a new model called LG Urbane 2. This new model is said to carry the latest features to bring the best value and quality to the user. So, what things have changed between LG Urbane vs Urbane 2? Is the new edition worth the upgrade? See the comparisons below for the answer!

Improved Design and Build Quality
The original LG Urbane is actually quite good looking. It has a metal finish and a nice leather strap. However, the plastic bag and wide, flat lugs are a little letdown. It does not sit well on the wrist. It is also a little too big for a small wrist, as it measures 45.5 mm x 52.2 mm x 10.9 mm with a weight of about 66.5 grams.

LG Urbane 2 has a much better design. Despite the thicker design – it measures 44.5 mm wide and 14.2 mm thick – it comes with better lugs and better buttons which feel more solid and robust. The only downside is that it no longer has interchangeable straps. Nevertheless, just like the original model, LG Urbane 2 also has the IP67 rating.

LG Urbane is equipped with a round plastic OLED display which measures 1.3-inch wide with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. It does look pretty sharp. The pixel density is 245 ppi. However, it is nothing if compared to the new model.

LG Urbane 2 comes with a wider display which measures 1.38-inch. The resolution is 480 x 480 pixels, giving a pixel density of 348 ppi. The improvement is very noticeable. The new display looks much sharper and easier to read.

Both the original and the new model come with the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset. Both also have 4GB storage. However, the original only has 512 MB RAM, whereas the new model has 768 MB RAM. The improvement will allow you to run resource-heavy apps more smoothly.

But the most practical improvement is on the connectivity area. The original does not have a cellular connection, which means that it needs to be connected to your smartphone in order to make or take calls. The new LG Urbane 2 boasts a cellular connection which will enable you to make and take calls easily using the smartwatch alone. In addition, LG Urbane 2 also supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, and LTE connectivity.

Battery Life
Finally, the difference between LG Urbane vs Urbane 2 is the battery life. The original LG Urbane only has a 410 mAh battery, whereas the new LG Urbane 2 comes with a 570 mAh battery. Apparently, the increased thickness of the new model is due to the larger battery.

If you don’t use the cellular connection and GPS continuously, you can expect a longer battery life from the new model. According to the manufacturer, LG Urbane 2 can last for a day in normal use. Still, keep in mind that the cellular connection and GPS will consume quite a lot of power if turned on all the time.

NameLG UrbaneLG Urbane 2
Key Features- Environmental Biosensors - detects and tracks Barometric Pressure, Gyroscopic Movements, Accelerometer, Geomagnetic Sensor, PPG Heart Rate Monitor- 4G-LTE Bands 2 and 5; 3G - UMTS 850/1900/2100MHz: GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/1900MHz - 768mb memory - 4gb storage - 570 mah battery - Snapdragon 400

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In general, the new LG Urbane 2 is indeed more recommended. It has a more comfortable design, a better display, great connectivity options, and longer battery life. However, if you already have the original LG Urbane and you don’t need the cellular connection and GPS, you don’t really have to upgrade.

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