Michael Kors Access vs Samsung Gear S3

In this article, we will compare two smartwatches that stand in a similar price range, Michael Kors Access vs Samsung Gear S3. Of course, they come with different features, and they have different pros and cons. Michael Kors Access runs Android Wear, so it has better access to third-party apps through Play Store. Meanwhile, Samsung Gear S3 uses a Tizen-based operating system with a beautiful display and smooth performance.

Design and Display
Michael Kors Access does look stylish and classy. It is available in several color variants, such as black, blue, rose gold, and silver. The smooth curves and metallic straps combine elegantly. However, there is one bad thing about the design, which is the flat-tire shape of the display. If you look closely, you may notice that the display is not fully circular. There is a ‘flat’ part at the bottom, which houses the unit’s sensors. It does not look very nice because of this.

The 1.4-inch touchscreen is pretty wide and easy to read. It has a resolution of 320 x 290 pixels, with a pixel density of 308 ppi. Hence, the display does not look as sharp as Samsung Gear S3.

On the other hand, Samsung Gear S3 is available in two variants, Classic and Frontier. As the name suggests, the Classic version is classier with more subtle ridges. The Frontier version is sportier and somewhat bulkier. In general, Samsung Gear S3 looks stylish and elegant. The display is fully circular, which is great. See also: Ticwatch S vs Samsung Gear S3.

Samsung Gear S3’s display is actually a little bit smaller with a diameter of 1.3 inches. However, it boasts a higher resolution, 360 x 360 pixels, resulting in a much higher pixel density, 392 ppi. It looks sharp and detailed with great color quality.

Features and Performance
One significant difference between Michael Kors Access vs Samsung Gear S3 is regarding their operating systems. Michael Kors Access runs Android Wear, whereas Samsung Gear S3 uses a Tizen-based platform.

By running Android Wear, Michael Kors Access offers a wider range of third-party apps. It can access Play Store. This is a big advantage if you want to install additional apps on your smartwatch. It supports alarm clock, reminders, goals, and social integration. It has good fitness tracking features and smartphone controls. The performance is good in most cases, without a significant lag.

Samsung Gear S3 comes with great built-in features, and is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. The performance is very good. It is able to run most apps smoothly. However, it does not have Play Store, which may be an issue for some people. Nevertheless, there is a possible workaround. If you connect it to your smartphone, it can access Play Store through your smartphone. Furthermore, it supports NFC and mobile payments.

Battery Life
On average, Michael Kors Access is able to last for about a day per charge. However, this is only possible if you don’t turn on the Bluetooth and GPS all the time. On the other hand, Samsung Gear S3 can last up to four days per charge, but an average use with occasional Bluetooth and GPS activation usually lasts for about a day as well.

NameMichael Kors AccessSamsung Gear S3
Key Features- Rose gold-tone smart watch compatible with Android and iPhone features customizable watch face and changeable straps - Display notifications for texts, calls, emails. Tracks steps, distance, and calories - Powered by Android Wear, digital movement- Text, call, and get notifications directly from your Bluetooth connected Gear S3. Case Dimension-1.81 x 1.93 inches. Case Depth-0.51 inch - Make payments with Samsung Pay almost anywhere you can swipe or tap a credit card

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If Android Wear is important to you, Michael Kors Access should be your choice. It has Play Store, so you can install various additional apps. However, if you only need the basic features and don’t really need Play Store, Samsung Gear S3 is more recommended due to the better design and smoother performance.

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