Nixon Mission vs Huawei Watch 2

Confused between Nixon Mission vs Huawei Watch 2? You have come to the right place. They are both classy smartwatches suitable for fitness and sports users. Nixon Mission is more expensive, featuring a rugged waterproof construction and decent battery life. However, Huawei Watch 2 is also packed with fantastic fitness tracking features and smart functions. Which one should you choose? Read the comparisons below to find out!

Neither of them has the best display, but Nixon Mission’s display is quite noticeably better than Huawei Watch 2’s display. The 1.39” circular screen of Nixon Mission has a very good visibility. The resolution is 400 x 400 pixels, and it is able to provide a sharp and easy-to-read display.

Well, it is somewhat difficult to read under a direct outdoor light – which is a reasonable issue. However, it does have an automatic brightness adjustment and the always-on mode, which are very helpful. Whenever you move from an indoor area to the outside, there is no need to manually adjust the screen’s brightness.

On the other hand, Huawei Watch 2 comes with a 1.2” AMOLED display screen. The resolution is slightly lower at 390 x 390 pixels. Unfortunately, the display is not very impressive; the visibility is somewhat too low when in bright light. There are also automatic brightness and always-on modes, but they are not very helpful due to the screen’s naturally low brightness.

Nixon Mission comes with some smart features, but it excels primarily in sports features. It does have a GPS module, music control, and Bluetooth. You can use the Bluetooth to connect the smartwatch to a pair of headphones, as it lacks a built-in speaker. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have NFC, which means that you can’t use it for Android Pay. While the smartwatch does show calls and notifications, you still have to take your smartphone in order to answer a call.

Nixon Mission has Google Fit to track your workouts and fitness stats. There are also Trace apps to provide information regarding the current conditions and to monitor you surfing and skiing sessions. It has an exceptionally accurate step counter. The rugged waterproof cover ensures that the smartwatch can survive various sports activities.

On the other hand, Huawei Watch 2 comes with great smart features. It has a built-in mic and speaker so that you can answer calls directly from the smartwatch. It even supports Google Assistant. The sound quality is average, but quite usable. You can hear voices clearly enough to converse. It also has GPS and NFC.

The fitness features are also great. It has Google Fit and a heart rate monitor. It is able to track various activities including walking, running, hiking, cycling, and strength training. However, note that this model is only water-resistant and not waterproof, meaning that it should not be submerged.

Battery Life
Finally, let’s see the battery life of Nixon Mission vs Huawei Watch 2. Well, they are actually quite comparable to each other. Nixon Mission is able to last for about 31.5 hours in normal use. It can be charged rapidly, taking only 32 minutes to reach 50% and 80 minutes to 100%.

On the other hand, Huawei Watch 2 can last for about 36.5 hours in normal use before going into the Watch Mode, in which it only shows basic data. It takes 31 minutes to reach 50% and 90 minutes to reach 100% when charged.

NameNixon MissionHuawei Watch 2
Key Features- MISSION, ALL BLACK. Compatible with Android, iPhones and the Nixon Mission App, this watch has 10 ATM water resistance, a shock resistant case, roll cage bezel, and ultra-tough Corning Gorilla glass. - WORLD’S 1ST ACTION SPORTS SMARTWATCH. Featuring real-time surf and snow shred alerts by Surfline and Snocountry, you’ll get GPS, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, e-compass, and humidity reports.- Workout Coach: get real-time guidance and workout data such as recovery time and Vo2 Max - Music without phone: download and listen to music offline during workout and free Google play music 10-week subscription - NFC and Google assistant: make payments and have a personal voice assistant from your wrist - Long battery life: optimized power consumption settings to get the most out of your Device

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If you need a rugged waterproof smartwatch, choose Nixon Mission. This is a great choice for heavy-duty uses. However, if you prefer to get the most value from your money, choose Huawei Watch 2. It is more affordable, yet it comes with more features and longer battery life.

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