Pebble Steel Vs Pebble Time Round

The original Pebble was launched in 2013 with a follow-up second-generation unit called the Pebble Steel launched in 2014, and there is the other one namely Pebble Time Round. For the purposes of this article showdown we will give you a comparison between Pebble Steel vs Pebble Time Round. We will also find the winner on each features or winner in the most affordable price included.

Pebble Steel
Pebble Steel supported by many developers, either create the watchface or application. You can download the watchface and the application directly through the application of Pebble on a smartphone. After the download process is complete, the watchface or application will be sent directly towards the Pebble Steel. The features already described at Pebble Steel vs Pebble Time. In fact, Pebble Steel serves as a bookmark in time. Beyond that, the smartwatch is can be used to display the notification while reading any message coming into the smartphone. Pebble Steel also features fitness tracker sensors to calculate your pace and distance traveled by foot, measuring the pulse, to monitor the activity and sleep quality users. Not only that, Pebble Steel can also be used to play a simple game to just kill time. Other functions that are not less important as remote music player, the screen pointer GPS while driving to a remote shutter for photographing. Whatever smartphone you use, as long as it is still using the Android OS iOS 4.1 and 7.0 and above, can be suitted with the Pebble Steel. Using it is quite simple. First, you must download the application of Pebble in the App Store or Google Play, then connect the Pebble Steel to smartphones via Bluetooth connection.

Pebble Time Round
Pebble Round Time has a thick 7.5 mm and weighing 28 grams. If you are a user of the iPhone or android then don’t worry because this can Pebble watches was briefly engaged with both types of communication devices. The trick is to harness the available Bluetooth facility. If you receive notifications then you will receive the vibrations at your hands. The latest from Pebble collection this one is because the round shape and thinner as most smart watches collection more is always present in the form of boxes. There are many notification from this hour you can receive such email notification, short messaging, social media such as twitter & facebook, receive phone calls, calendar & alarm and also notification about weather forecasts on that day. Don’t worry if it turns out to be unintentionally watches you get wet because this clock is equipped with technology resistant to splashing water but couldn’t you bring for diving as it will directly damage your watch. Other facilities are already available with screen protector anti scratch so your screen will remain secure. For the main ingredient of these watches use metal so it won’t rust. That makes this clock became the clock which is also a lot of interest was due to the ability of a docking just 15 minutes but can already make these watches can be used 24 hours.

NamePebble SteelPebble Time Round
Key Features- Read email, texts, incoming calls, calendars and access your favorite apps on your wrist - Includes Pebble timeline, a chronological display of calendar and notifications - Crafted from marine-grade stainless-steel and Corning Gorilla Glass- Notifications at a glance: calendar events, text and emails, incoming calls, and more - Includes Pebble Health, a built-in activity and sleep tracker with daily reports and weekly insights - Built-In microphone for voice notes and quick replies

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Undoubtedly, Pebble Steel is the clear winner over the Pebble Steel vs Pebble Time Round. It can be seen especially in the comparison of color display seals the deal. And one more thing considered, it has also the refined design with 10 day battery life of the Time Round. It means that it is such a superior smartwatch too if we see the Pebble Time Round only has 7 day battery life.

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