Pebble Steel Vs Pebble Time

Among the series of gadget (wearable) Android system Wear, Pebble is still shining and confident with a homemade platform. The company initiated the steps on the site collecting funds (crowdfunding) now have smart watches flagship between Pebble Steel vs. Pebble Time. People sometimes compare because it is inappropriate to compare both in terms of features, specs, and more. If you guys want to see what the results are like. Then you are at the right page. Please enjoy this!

Pebble Steel
How about Pebble Steel vs Asus Zenwatch 2? Are you interested enough as well as this? In addition it looks like an ordinary wristwatch, Pebble Steel also feels sturdy. In fact, does it weigh only 56 grams only. Pebble-sized Steel screen 1.26 inches. Its screen is only capable of displaying black and white monochrome alias with a resolution of 144 x 168 pixels. The screen also can not respond to touch. To operate it, there are four navigation buttons, one on the left side serves as a back button, as well as three buttons on the right side serves as the button towards the top and bottom, as well as the select button to select the menu. But, you can not use to call or reply to a text message. The reason, Pebble uses only Steel operating systems simple OS Pebble. Pebble Steel can read the number of steps, calories burned, sleep quality at night, until the heartbeat of its users through additional applications. You can download the application via the application of Pebble can download on Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Pebble Steel can also serve as a remote viewer and music player notification. Any notification received in smartphones will instantly appear on the screen of the Pebble in a matter of less than one second. So, you can read the email, SMS, or other social media messages from these watches.

Pebble Time
In addition to great design, Pebble Time Round had a body thin enough i.e. 7.5 mm. In addition to the thin, light also does it weigh approximately 28 grams only. Body material is made from a Round Pebble Time metal, not plastic. This could be that cause the price is quite expensive. While the rope soft enough with two choices of width between 20 mm and 14 mm. smart watches, like a Pebble Time Round can throw more than simply time and date information. If connected with smart phones, these watches can display a notification email, SMS, telephone, mail service, fuel Line, WhatsApp; as well as controlling the music player, and more. Everything appears in screen projection color 1.25-inch e-ink. Due to the operating system open Pebble OS 2.0, you can add a number of applications from Pebble Store to add functionality. The superiority of Pebble smart watches than Android or Apple Watch Wear is the screen looks pretty qualified to read although the backlight off (move the watch to light the lamp). But the backlight lights up thus exposing the weakness than its competitors. When the screen lights up, the display looks very dull colored screen, just phones 10 years ago. This is particularly obvious when the color black screen will turn gray. Outside the reserved appearance, watches Pebble not carrying the touchscreen so it provided four button operation.

NamePebble SteelPebble Time
Key Features- Read email, texts, incoming calls, calendars and access your favorite apps on your wrist - Includes Pebble timeline, a chronological display of calendar and notifications - Crafted from marine-grade stainless-steel and Corning Gorilla Glass- Notifications at a glance: calendar events, text and emails, incoming calls, and more - Includes Pebble Health, a built-in activity and sleep tracker with daily reports and weekly insights - Built-In microphone for voice notes and quick replies

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Surely if you want to find the winner as well as choosing a watch which is the best among your options i.e. Pebble Steel vs. Pebble Time. Select one of the Pebble and of course Time. Clear screen in addition to the already touchscreen, also was a very elegant and light in the hand. As far as we know, watches sport would be very convenient if it is lightweight and does not interfere with the activity of our sport at all.

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