Razer Nabu Vs Nabu X

Razer has introduced its newest wearable products, Nabu vs Nabu x. Same as other wearable products, Nabu vs Nabu X can also provide information about the fitness of its users, receive notifications from the phone connected to it. This is not enough, because we also know they are competing and often compared. Here is more information.

Razer Nabu
Razer Nabu was designed as a smartband that is supported with the ability for the fitness tracker. Starting from the calculation in function of the number of calories, the number of steps, the distance traveled, and more. Interestingly, apart from android devices Razer Nabu can also display notifications from the device with iOS. In addition, users of this bracelet may also share information with other users of the Nabu Razer through technology pulse at a distance which is already specified. Prophets can be linked directly to the smartphone and is compatible both with the Smartphones that run with Android OS 4.3 (Jelly Bean) to the top or the iOS includes iPhone 5, 5 c and 5s.

This tool is equipped with an OLED panel size 128 x 32 pixels that can display a personal message, which the Razer designing Nabu to vibrate when there is an incoming notification received and with a bit of arm twisting, Private Message display Screen will direct active and displays the details of the notification. In addition to the WeChat, this device can also display various notifications for various popular social networks such as Twitter, Google Maps, Instagram and Facebook. In addition Nabu also is equipped with an accelerometer, alimeter, motor vibrators, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, battery that able to survive 5-7 day and certified IP54 for resilience on the water.

Razer Nabu X
Razer Nabu X tricolour LED indicator and sensor vibrate to alert the user when there is a notification of a smartphone that’s already paired each other, while Razer Nabu presents OLED screen that shows private message short text a preview of the incoming notification. Razer Nabu X will support third-party developed applications are available in the Nabu Marketplace. Sensor module Nabu X has a very accurate accelerometer, paired with an already highly sophisticated algorithms to ensure the most accurate activity data provided to the user.

A vibrating sensor also installed to make sure the user knows to be the incoming notification and three LEDs that can be customized to indicate what the incoming notification. The sensor module may also be removable which allows a user to mix and match the color of the strap that want installed, available colors black, white, and green. NABU X designed comfortable to wear daily with a soft rubber as material and of course the water resistance and acts like a strap on a wrist watch. In addition it’s also very user friendly with a wrist-turn light on and knock detection sensor module to turn on the LED indicator.

NameRazer Nabu Razer Nabu X
Key Features- Discreet notifications- Text messages, emails, incoming calls, and even alerts from your favorite apps all straight to your Nabu via the Nabu's OLED screen - Fitness Tracking- Track your steps, calories burned, distance traveled, active minutes, and sleep with the Nabu's advanced algorithms and accelerometer- Discreet notifications. The Razer Nabu X offers a no-screen, no-fuss notification interface, meaning you keep your head up and in the game at all times - Stay active. All tracked by Nabu X's accelerometer and algorithms, with progress displayed on the companion fitness app of your choice

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If you ask about what the differences are between Razer Nabu vs Nabu X as well as how well are they can support on phones? Here the answer: The Razer Nabu has a small screen at the top of the device, while Razer Nabu X does not have this screen on top, but instead has three LED. But most of Nabu X users, they purchase it because of the sync with Bluetooth, however, NabuC fitness application does not even see the device.

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