Suunto D4i vs D6i

Suunto D4i and D6i are both great dive computer and often compared to see what actually their difference is. If you are currently aiming for one of them, read our article below before making your purchase to decide which suit you better.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Suunto D4i and D6i
– What Suunto D4i and D6i can offer to you
– Suunto D4i vs D6i

About Suunto D4i
Suunto D4i is a dive computer in the shape and size of wrist watch to accompany divers in their diving activity. This product is manufactured by the same name company; Suunto, which is known for its watches, dive computers, compasses and precision instruments. Suunto D4i bezel is made from stainless steel, while the glass material is made from mineral crystal and the case is made from composite. This version have been upgraded into D4i Novo with the same internal but added with a soft silicone wrist strap and colors options to choose.

Suunto D4i Features
Suunto D4i comes with 4 control buttons that you can use to programming and retrieving data from the dive computer easily and intuitively. These buttons including Mode, Select, Up, and Down buttons that uses some kind of press and hold to select and activate certain features in Suunto D4i. Suunto D4i is designed with user friendliness in mind, so you as the user can operate the computer straight from the box. This computer also can be used with 4 different options, including Watch, Nitrox, Air and Free Diving. Watch is useful when used as watch and timer when not diving, the watch can shows date, dual times, to set alarms and even as stopwatch. Air is use when diving with standard air and will calculate no-decompression limits on your dive. Nitrox is used when diving with oxygen enriched dive mixtures between 50% and PO2 limit between 0.5 and 1.6 bars. The last if freedive, this option is used when diving without oxygen tank and samples your depth 3 times per second.

About Suunto D6i
Suunto D6i is the same dive computer in the shape and size of wrist watch from the same name company. This dive computer is designed exclusively for those who take their diving seriously. Suunto D6i bezel is made from stainless steel, while the glass material is made from sapphire crystal and the case material is made from steel. This version is the upgraded version of D6 model by adding new feature, such as 3D compass that will give you confidence in the accuracy of the bearing regardless the angle of your wrist. If you are interested on Suntoo devices, read our article here.

Suunto D6i Features
Suunto D6i has 4 dive modes including Air Mode, Nitrox Mode, Gauge Mode, and Freediving Mode. Air mode is used when diving in standard air. Nitrox mode in Suunto D6i can be switch between two Nitrox mixes, so you can accelerate your decompression. It will allow you to switch your air with a higher oxygen percentage, you may also preset two different cylinder with different Nitrox mixes and P02 values. Gauge mode is used to allow the computer to take excellent bottom timer with accurate profile sampling and bookmarking functions. Professional divers also used this function to get accurate bottom times and decompression stops as they would normally outside the decompressions limits set by the dive computer. Free diving mode is used when diving without oxygen tank and the computer will sample your depth 3 times every second to get the accurate information of your true depths.

The most prominent difference between Suunto D4i and Suunto D6i is the modes available in the dive computer. We can see that D4i have watch mode, which is not available in D6i. Other difference is the Nitrox Mode in D6i, which can be used to switch between Nitrox mixes while this feature is not exist in D4i. D6i also have Gauge mode and 3D compass, which is not available in D4i.

Suunto D4i vs D6i

NameSuunto D4iSuunto D6i
Key Features- 4 modes incl. freediving - Light weight - Optional wireless air integration - Suunto RGBM- Suunto rgbm decompression model - Gas switching for up to three gases - Air, nitrox, gauge, and freedive mode

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All in all, the choice is all yours. If you prefer using the computer exclusively as diving computer, you can opt for D6i, which have more diving modes. But if you also want to wear it as regular watch, you may opt for D4i, since it have watch mode.

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