Suunto Traverse Alpha vs Garmin Tactix Bravo

In this article, we will see the comparisons between Suunto Traverse Alpha vs Garmin Tactix Bravo. These two are popular tactical smartwatches suitable for sports and outdoors activities. However, they have very different feature sets, and they are more suitable for different needs and purposes.

Below, you can find out more about:
– The advantages and disadvantages of Suunto Traverse Alpha vs Garmin Tactix Bravo,
– Their display quality and features, and
– Which one is the best tactical smartwatch for the money.

Design and Aesthetics
If you put the two models side by side, you can see distinctive differences. Suunto Traverse Alpha looks plain and simple. It has a round textured bezel and five side buttons. The monochrome display does not really add a classy look to the smartwatch. Nevertheless, it may be a good choice if you prefer a not-so-flashy model. In addition, the knurled stainless steel bezel and scratch-resistant sapphire-glass crystal are incredibly very rugged. See also: Suunto Traverse vs Garmin Fenix 3.

Most people agree that Garmin Tactix Bravo looks sportier and more stylish. The aluminum composite housing is smooth yet very durable. It also features several side buttons. It is a little bulkier and heavier, but it is still comfortable to wear. The color display is pleasing to look at, with a tough sapphire glass for protection against scratches and impacts – this Telegraph article explains why sapphire glass is an immensely strong protection. This unit is water-resistant to 10 ATM.

Display Quality
Suunto Traverse Alpha comes with a monochrome display. This is actually not a big problem if the display is easily readable. However, it has a low resolution, and it is sometimes a little difficult to read, especially when under direct sunlight. Fortunately, you can adjust the brightness to adapt to different conditions.

In terms of display quality, Garmin Tactix Bravo easily takes the cake. This unit is equipped with a very nice color display with a high resolution. The display is sharp, vibrant, and detailed. The brightness is good enough to allow easy reading in different lighting conditions.

Features and Capabilities
Suunto Traverse Alpha is a good GPS-enabled tactical smartwatch. It already comes with some nice features, such as the automatic shot detection which is handy for hunting and military purposes. The GPS can track your coordinates and paths, create automatic breadcrumb trails, and work with the Suunto Movescout App. It comes with a location-based moon phase calendar, which is nice for hunting and fishing. However, it does not have extensive customization options like Garmin Tactix Bravo.

Feature-wise, Garmin Tactix Bravo is an impressive smartwatch. It has a night vision mode for use with a night vision goggle. It can use more than one Wi-Fi hotspots to sync your data. It comes with high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS, barometer, altimeter, and three-axis compass. It is a powerful device for navigation and orienteering. In the sports and fitness section, it has basic tracking features and multiple sports features.Finally, it also has custom maps for military purposes.

Suunto Traverse Alpha vs Garmin Tactix Bravo

NameSuunto Traverse AlphaGarmin Tactix Bravo
Key Features- Features a rugged, knurled stainless steel bezel, durable water repellent nylon strap, and a premium scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass - Suunto's automatic shot detection technology keeps track of when and where you shoot, mapping the GPS coordinates of your location for later viewing- NAVIGATOR + ABC - High-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS positioning with automatic calibrating altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass - BLACK, NON-REFLECTIVE - All-black, non-reflective design inspired by the requirements of tactical gear intended for use in the field

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Garmin Tactix Bravo is the winner and should be your choice. This smartwatch has a better, sportier design with a nice color display. It comes with more features and capabilities, suitable for a wide range of users.

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