Suunto Traverse Vs Ambit3

Suunto has some of the best products when it comes to a smartwatch with activity and sports tracking features. Suunto has produced several different models that are designed for different purposes. However, determining the right model is not always a straightforward decision because you need to first understand the differences between the different models. In this article, we will discuss about Suunto Traverse vs Ambit3, which are both very popular for outdoor sports and activities, ranging from mountain biking to hiking to triathlon racing. Suunto Traverse and Suunto Ambit3 have very different looks and features.

Design and Build Quality
In terms of design and build quality, Suunto Traverse holds the better edge. The very first noticeable difference is that Suunto Traverse comes with a thinner, sleeker unit. Take a look at our previous post about Suunto Core vs Traverse here. It features a stylish stainless steel bezel with a brushed finish to protect the display screen. The display looks modern and sophisticated. It has good contrast and brightness, but it may be a little bit difficult to read under direct sunlight.

Unlike the Ambit3, the Traverse has a vibration alarm and an ‘invisible’ GPS receiver. Thus, it can alert you with a silent vibration rather than a visual or audio notification. It looks more elegant without any protruding part besides the buttons. Suunto Traverse has a higher water resistance rating, able to withstand depths up to 100 m.

On the other hand, Suunto Ambit3 comes with a slightly bulkier unit. The GPS receiver is visible, and the bezel does not look as stylish and professional. The size of the display screen is slightly smaller. It is also quite rugged and durable, but the water resistance rating is only 50 m.

User Interface
Suunto Traverse is surprisingly very easy and intuitive to use. The menu has been simplified so that you can quickly access various features and settings. There are two buttons on the left and three buttons on the right for navigation and control.

On the other hand, Suunto Ambit3 comes with an old interface that some people consider tedious. But some others who have been used to it are quite comfortable with it. Just like the Traverse, this model has five side buttons. The names of these buttons are written on the bezel, so there is no way to forget which button is which.

Suunto Traverse vs Ambit3 come with different sets of features. Suunto Traverse is relatively simpler, but it is geared more towards hiking and adventuring. On the other hand, Suunto Ambit3 is designed for multi-sports.

Suunto Traverse comes with a built-in barometer. It can tell you about the sunrise and sunset times and weather trends. It has a built-in flashlight, too. The map can show you hunting and fishing POIs. The storm alert is especially useful, as it alerts you whenever a storm is approaching and you have to find a shelter.

However, Suunto Traverse will not give you detailed information about performance and fitness. For example, compared to the Ambit3, its heart rate monitoring is not as detailed.

If you need multi-sports features, Suunto Ambit3 is the way to go. It provides more detailed information about fitness and performance. It also has elevation tracking, which is useful for trail running and mountain biking.

NameSuunto TraverseSuunto Ambit3
Key Features- Upload routes to your watch, and you're ready to explore new terrains with the help of GPS and glonass Satellite navigation systems - Follow your Progress with distance and altitude statistics, save points of interest and re-trace your steps using the breadcrumb trail - Barometric Trend helps predict weather changes, and storm alarm alerts you when it's time to find shelter- Suunto Ambit3 peak delivers Stable and accurate altitude and weather information with full navigation in a robust casting - Includes built in altimeter, barometer, compass and GPS with 100 meter water resistance - One of the most competitive battery hours in the market, 200 hours with 1 minute accuracy

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If you don’t need detailed information about fitness and performance, Suunto Traverse is great. It is simple yet effective and functional. It has much better aesthetics, too. It is ideal for hiking and adventuring. However, if you are more concerned about increasing your fitness and performance levels, Suunto Ambit3 is the way to go. This model is suitable for multi-sports.

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