Suunto Zoop Novo vs Cressi Leonardo

Suunto Zoop Novo and Cressi Leonardo are two dive computers designed for beginner divers. They are affordable, and they come with just enough capabilities that match the needs of entry-level users without becoming overwhelming. So, which one is better for you? See the comparisons of Suunto Zoop Novo vs Cressi Leonardo below for the answer!

Continue reading below if you want to find out about:
– The ease of use of Suunto Zoop Novo vs Cressi Leonardo,
– The distinctive features available on each dive computer,
– Their performance comparison, and
– Which model that is more recommended for the money.

Design and Ease of Use
The very first difference between these two dive computers is their navigations. Suunto Zoop Novo has four on-board buttons that are spaced properly from each other, so that you won’t miss-click any button. With four buttons, you can navigate through some menu selections a lot faster. This is very convenient. See also: Suunto Zoop Novo vs Cressi Giotto.

Suunto Zoop Novo is available in three color variants. There are blue, lime, and black variants. You can find the color choices on Suunto.

On the other hand, Cressi Leonardo has opted for a single-button approach. It only has one on-board button to navigate through all the available functions and features. The advantage is that it is very simple to use. You won’t confuse any button when wearing thick gloves. However, with only one button, you may need a longer time to navigate through menu selections and screens.

Both Suunto Zoop Novo and Cressi Leonardo have the same standard functions. They are capable of handling air, nitrox, and gauge modes. They can handle nitrox levels up to 50%. As expected from entry-level models, both of the two models are unable to switch gases while in a dive. Such feature is only available on higher end models.

In addition to the three standard modes, Suunto Zoop Novo also comes with a free diving mode and an off mode. These modes are useful when you want to dive without measuring any stat that will impact your next dive. Furthermore, Suunto Zoop Novo has a larger logbook which allows you to store more dive data on the device before syncing with a PC or Mac.

The distinctive feature of Cressi Leonardo is the complete reset capability. You can reset the device to erase all data and calculations from previous dives. In the next operation, it will start from zero. This feature is very useful for schools and shops which rent out equipment.

However, for personal use, you should not reset the device unless very necessary. Erasing all data and calculations from your previous dives can endanger yourself as well as the other people who dive with you.

Both Suunto Zoop Novo and Cressi Leonardo use RGBM models for their calculations. Suunto Zoop Novo uses Suunto’s own RGBM model, which is quite more conservative. It is great for people who prefer to dive very carefully. On the other hand, Cressi Leonardo runs on Cressi RGBM model which is somewhat more liberal, good for people who prefer a little more flexibility.

Suunto Zoop Novo vs Cressi Leonardo

NameSuunto Zoop NovoCressi Leonardo
Key Features- Suunto rgbm full continuous decompression algorithm allows for safer ascents - Four operating modes: air, nitrox, gauge, and freedive - Integrated apnea timer for freediving - Timer for air and nitrox modes- Single Button Interface: Modes: Air, Nitrox and Gauge - Large Numerical Displays, Back Light Feature for Low Light Conditions - Depth, Dive Times, Decompression Status, Ascent Rate & Surface Interval Times - Imperial (feet) or Metric (meters) System Selections

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Both are good dive computers, but in the end, Suunto Zoop Novo is more recommended. This model comes with a better design that allows faster navigation. It also has more diving modes that may be handy for some people, and the logbook capacity is larger.

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