Suunto Zoop vs Mares Puck Pro

Suunto Zoop and Mares Puck Pro are two of the most popular wrist dive computers on the market, for good reasons. They both come with all the essential functions needed by beginner divers. They aren’t cluttered with advanced features that beginners do not use at all, so there is no need to worry about getting overwhelmed. They keep things simple yet effective. So, how do Suunto Zoop vs Mares Puck Pro wrist dive computers compare against each other? Below, we will see the comparisons based on several factors, including the design, features, performance, and price. Continue reading!

Design and Display
Although both of these two models have a circular design, there are several notable differences. Suunto Zoop’s unit is somewhat slimmer and lighter, making it very comfortable to wear. The display is pretty wide, and you can easily read the displayed information. The display is backlit, and the brightness and contrast are very good. You can easily read it even when diving deep.

Suunto Zoop has several buttons that are well-spaced from each other – take a look at our previous post Cressi Leonardo vs Suunto Zoop here. The distanced buttons ensure that you will not confuse the buttons when wearing thick gloves. Still, the buttons are rather small; pressing the buttons while wearing thick gloves may be a little tricky. Suunto Zoop’s multi-button design makes the operation much faster and more convenient. You can access and adjust various settings much more quickly.

On the other hand, Mares Puck Pro’s unit is a little bit thicker. The bulkiness makes this wrist dive computer not as comfortable to wear. But the backlit display is very good. It is very much readable. Well, unlike Suunto Zoop, Mares Puck Pro has a one-button design. The button is large and easy to press. Having just one button for the whole operation indeed keeps things simple, but such design is not exactly convenient. It requires much more time to access and adjust the settings.

Features and Performance
Both Suunto Zoop and Mares Puck Pro support air and nitrox gases. They both use conservative algorithms, and the characteristics are more-or-less similar.

However, Suunto Zoop comes with more operation modes. There are five modes in total, which are air, nitrox, gauge, freediving, and off. The freediving mode is especially useful for snorkeling, as it will allow you to ascent at higher speeds. However, note that you will not be able to scuba dive with it within 24 hours after your last snorkel.

On the other hand, Mares Puck Pro is quite a simpler device. It does not have the freediving mode. So, the usability is more limited.

Finally, the last difference of Suunto Zoop vs Mares Puck Pro comes down to the price. While both of them are generally considered as entry-level models, Suunto Zoop is more expensive than Mares Puck Pro. Still, the price gap between the two models is quite scalable.

NameSuunto ZoopMares Puck Pro
Key Features- Backlit Display, Enlarged Segment / Matrix Screen - Excellent contrast and Information with Bigger and Clear Digits - 4 buttons to enable a more intuative/ easier user interface- Slim design for a perfect fitLarge display for superior readabilityIntuitive user interface - Gas switching - Mineral gas display - One button control - Segment display

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Suunto Zoop is more recommended because it has a better design and more features. The overall value that it offers is worth the money. The freediving mode is especially useful.

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