Ticwatch 2 vs Ticwatch E

It is difficult to compete against a well-known and popular platform. That’s why, instead of continuing the use of their proprietary operating system found in Ticwatch 2, Mobvoi now uses Android Wear 2.0 on the new model Ticwatch E. In the following article, we will see the detailed comparisons between Ticwatch 2 vs Ticwatch E to see which one is actually the best for the money. Continue reading below!

Design and Display
Ticwatch 2 is a classy, elegant smartwatch. The metal bezel is thin and sleek. It curves downwards without creating a pointy edge. It also feels solid. Well, the bezel seems to be prone to scratching and chipping, so make sure that you don’t abuse it. Nevertheless, the design is lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

Ticwatch E is actually a variant of Ticwatch S with a different design (see our previous comparison about Ticwatch S vs E here). Ticwatch E comes with a durable polyurethane casing. It is wider and somewhat thicker. The bezel slightly protrudes upwards, which does not look very nice. The straps, in contrast with the variant Ticwatch S, are interchangeable.

If we compare the display quality of Ticwatch 2 vs Ticwatch E, the old model does hold a better edge. Well, they have a similar pixel density, which is 287 ppi, but the color and brightness of Ticwatch 2 are better than Ticwatch E. It is very easy to read in all light conditions, indoors and outdoors.

Ticwatch 2 runs Mobvoi’s proprietary operating system, Ticwear, which is based on Android Wear. There are some quirks when connecting the smartwatch with an iOS device, but these issues are because of the strict limitations of the iOS platform. A lot of users are very happy with Ticwear’s special features, such as the ability to auto lock the screen against random touches, widgets, and quick settings.

Ticwatch 2 also has convenient controls. For example, you can make the notifications visible after turning your wrist without having to unlock or touch the smartwatch. You can set the brightness to the max temporarily by pressing the button three times. And there are several battery saver functions that can greatly prolong the battery life.

Unfortunately, all of those capabilities are missing in Ticwatch E. This new model runs Android Wear 2.0. It indeed has better connectivity, and it generally runs a little smoother. It comes with a built-in GPS, which is another plus. But, if you don’t really need the built-in GPS, you may want to stick with Ticwatch 2 to enjoy those convenient features.

Battery Life
Ticwatch 2 comes with a smaller battery capacity. But it can actually last longer because it does not need to power any GPS sensor and the battery saver functions are really effective. It lasts for about one and a half days on average. On the other hand, Ticwatch E has a larger battery, but the actual battery life tends to be shorter especially if the GPS is activated continuously.

NameTicwatch 2Ticwatch E
Key Features- Android Wear 2.0. Get your favorite apps and watch faces. Request a car ride. Perfect your golf swing. Explore a new neighborhood. With thousands of Android Wear apps, there's no limit to what you can do with your Ticwatch E.- Smart Fitness Companion. Our built-in GPS accurately records speed, distance, and your goal completion for all workouts. - Music Companion. Sync your locally stored music to your watch,You can use the built-in speaker to share your music or connect a Bluetooth headset and listen to your music discreetly.

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If you can benefit from the built-in GPS or if you prefer the Android Wear 2.0 platform, Ticwatch E is a good choice. Otherwise, if those two factors are not very important to you, Ticwatch 2 is the way to go. The design, features, and battery life are better.

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