Ticwatch S Vs Misfit Vapor

Ticwatch S and Misfit Vapor are two Android Wear smartwatches available in a similar price range. These two products are widely considered as affordable entry-level smartwatches. Even so, they come with different features. Continue reading below to see the pros and cons of Ticwatch S vs Misfit Vapor based on the design, connectivity, and features to determine which one is better for you.

Both Ticwatch S vs Misfit Vapor appear relatively simple, but Ticwatch S does look slightly sportier. It features an OLED display surrounded by a glossy bezel. The side button is framed on the left. It is available in three color choices, including knight (black), aurora (yellow), and glacier (white). Note that the strap is replaceable only with another Ticwatch S strap. It cannot use a third-party strap because the GPS sensor is built into the strap. See our previous post about Ticwatch S vs Samsung Gear S3 here!

On the other hand, Misfit Vapor looks plain. It sports an AMOLED display with a simple bezel. The side button is on the right. The straps are fully replaceable. You can easily change and customize the straps to suit your taste.

Both models have good display quality. Both have 1.4-inch display screens. Ticwatch S requires you to set the brightness to the max level if you want to read it outdoor. The sharpness is good. On the other hand, Misfit Vapor has slightly better sharpness and brightness.

Ticwatch S definitely has a better edge in terms of connectivity. It comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and built-in GPS. In addition, it also has good smartphone integration. Once you connect it to your smartphone, you can receive notifications for text messages, emails, and calls. You can also control your music.

On the other hand, Misfit Vapor only has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It does not have built-in GPS, but it can use the GPS on your smartphone. Nevertheless, the smartphone integration is rather limited.

Ticwatch S comes with good basic fitness tracking features. It can track your calories, steps, distance, and heart rate. However, it can’t track some sports such as bicycling and swimming. It has an accelerometer, but it doesn’t have a barometer or altimeter.

On the other hand, Misfit Vapor is slightly better in terms of features because it has an accelerometer and barometer/altimeter. In addition, it comes with more fitness tracking capabilities. It can track your calories, steps, stairs, distance, and heart rate. It also allows you to set goals to be more effective in your workouts.

Battery Life
These two smartwatches have similar battery life. They are designed for daily use. So, they need to be recharged on a daily basis. With either model, you’ll want to recharge your smartwatch every before you go to sleep so that you will have enough power for the next day. Note that the battery life may become much shorter if you set the brightness at the max level and turn on the connections continuously.

NameTicwatch SMisfit Vapor
Key Features- Androidwear 2.0. Make the most of every minute.Get your favorite apps and watch faces.Request a car ride. Perfect your golf swing. Explore a new neighborhood. With thousands of Android Wear apps, there's no limit to what you can do with your watch- Smart-button function allows you to wirelessly play and pause music, take a selfie, control smart home devices, and more - Vibration alerts call and text notifications, alarms, custom app notifications - Compatibility: Android OS 4.3+, iPhone 5/ iOS 9+

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In general, Ticwatch S is more recommended because of the sportier design and slightly better smartphone integration. In addition, it has built-in GPS. However, Misfit Vapor may be your choice if you prefer to have replaceable straps and more built-in fitness tracking functions.

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