Timex Ironman Essential vs Casio G Shock

Wearing a timekeeping piece is good not only to add something into your regular outfit, but to also help you notice the time without having to unlock your smartphone screen. If you are into the more modern device, digital watch like Timex Ironman Essential vs Casio G Shock are a nice option for both men and women who want to look sporty. Since they are having much similarities, go check our article below to see what they can offer and which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which to pick between Analog and Digital
– What are Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock
– What Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock Look Like
– What Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock can offer to you
– Do Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock have Stopwatch and Alarm
– Can we Swim with Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock
– Timex Ironman Essential vs Casio G Shock

Analog or Digital
The reason why people wearing a watch is either to see what time is it right now or estimating how many time left for you to do something. However, there are also people who are wearing a watch just for the style because depend on our own taste or preference, wearing a fashionable wrist watch may also complete your outfit for the day. When it comes to wristwatch, the question is most likely will be analog or digital because it can differentiate our taste as well.

An analog watch is probably the most natural way to see the time because it is designed to tell you the exact hour in the same system like the traditional method but it lacks the technology to tell you if it is night or day while digital watch can be set to follow the 12 hours system or 24 in case you are more comfortable with this feature. But, analog watch looks classier if compared to the sport digital watch. Read also: Seiko 5 SNK809 vs Citizen ECO Drive BM8180-03E here.

If you are planning to do an exercise like running or anything that require timekeeping, digital watch is the better option because this type of watch are mostly coming with additional features as well such as stopwatch and lap count recall so it can ease our activity. Some of them are also friendly with water, so those who loves to do water-related activity can enjoy them better because we don’t have to take off the watch when jumping in, depend on each model capacity.

About Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock
If you are into sport watch and look for those with additional features, Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock may fit your taste. Both of them are a very popular model from the respective brands so it is not surprising to see many people wearing them around you. They are also similarly sporty so if you are an active people or have a simple and sport style, they are going to fit your look. These digital watches are also affordable so we don’t have to think much purchasing them.

Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock Design
From the outside, both of these digital watches are very different in general because they are using different design and comparing the two in term of simplicity, Timex will have a more sleek and compact design. Casio G Shock watch is probably one of the most popular and widely used digital watch but it has a bulky design which is nice if you have a bigger wrist as well or for male user in general. Timex is available in two sizes; the full and mid-size for smaller hand.

As for G Shock, the face diameter is the same around 48 millimeters including the resin case so if you want a smaller version, try looking on women collection the Baby G which is also similarly popular. Both watches also featured with control or small buttons on their side but Timex has additional button at the front face.

These models are using the same resin material for the band but they are having a different length because Timex Ironman Essential is featured with 8 inches armband while Casio is slightly longer in 9 inches. As for Timex, this exact model is coming in various color option for you to choose such as the standard black above, light blue, grey and orange-silver combination.

Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock Information
As you can see from the sample picture, both of them are capable of viewing the time, day and date that we can adjust with the control button located on the side. When you are under a low light condition or walking at night and need to quickly see the current time, we can press the button to light the face so the time is viewable. This is also a plus side of digital watch compared to analog because when in dark places, it is hard to see an analog watch without illuminating the face.

Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock Feature
Another important feature that we want to talk between Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock is the stopwatch because they are having a similar capability in this side as well. What’s good here is we can use the stopwatch for a full 24 hours, so we don’t have to mark a lap when you are planning to took a long distance activity that will take more than an hour or two to complete. In addition, the Timex watch capable of doing 10 laps.

When you are spending all the laps without resetting, the stopwatch is not going to stop but will keep running with subsequent splits replace the oldest splits. The watch have few other models that can do more laps than just 10 as well like 30 laps. If you need to be reminded on something, they are also featured with alarm but Timex has 3 daily alarms that we can set differently while Casio unfortunately only have one daily alarm.

Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock Rating
Moving to the additional feature side, Timex Ironman Essential and Casio G Shock are also suitable for those who love water sport because they are equally water resistant. What’s different is Timex can only hold under water for 100 meters while Casio is doubling the distance for 200 meters which make this model suitable for swimming and snorkeling but not yet for diving.

Now, let’s compare Timex Ironman Essential with Casio G Shock. As you may already know, the difference between the two are on design, the way they display the information and additional feature like alarm and water resistant because Casio is bulkier with daily alarm and better water resistant compared to slimmer Timex with more daily alarm and lower resistance to water.

Timex Ironman Essential vs Casio G Shock

NameTimex Ironman EssentialCasio G Shock
Key Features- Clean Sport Design - Sports Stopwatch with 10 Lap Memory - Countdown Timer & Alarm - Durable Resin Strap with Buckle Closure- Shock-resistant sport watch featuring multi-function rectangular dial with afterglow EL backlight, daily alarm, and countdown timer - 48.5 millimeters resin case with mineral dial window - Quartz movement with digital display - Functions include multi-function alarm, 1/100-second stopwatch, hourly time signal, auto calendar, and 12/24 hour formats

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need and preference or taste which is why it is better to choose whichever suit you better. However, if we are to pick one, we will recommend you to choose G Shock because it has all the standard features with a nice water resistant and attractively, sporty design.

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