TomTom Runner Vs Multisport

Along with the development of industrial technology, the device monitors activity especially for the sport of running like Nike or Adidas miCoach + Fuel already not new anymore. However, TomTom keep removing products that focus on the same concept called TomTom Runner vs Multisport. GPS is TomTom’s competency. It will be soon launched a review between the TomTom Runner vs TomTom MultiSport.

TomTom Runner
By emitting one or more light with different wavelengths directly on the skin, sensors embedded on the TomTom Runner Cardio will catch reflected light back that is received over the discoloration of the blood in the blood vessels that occur in the wrist. To accommodate the various needs of the users, the Runner is equipped with 5 types of Cardio exercise, i.e. Easy, Fat Burn, Endure, Speed and Sprint. Each pattern of exercise intensity and running speed. For as young as the use of while running, TomTom Runner Cardio only provided with one physical button 4 direction.

The results of your workout can be directly seen and measured using an application that can be used on the iOS operating system gadget from Apple. Although during the use of these Cardio will be exposed to the Runner’s sweat, the latest products from TomTom is not waterproof. So you can’t invite Runner Cardio for measuring the heartbeat when swimming. These watches come with a USB connection. After exercising, as well as sports watches, statistical data can be uploaded to the website of TomTom MySportsataupun service third party services: MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks, and MyFitnessPal. Yes, can’t connect with Nike +.

TomTom Multisport
One of the things that was most striking of TomTom GPS Sport Watch Multi-this is a nice big screen and not bothered by the buttons, and to keys operations TomTom provided only one big button below the screen, where all interactions are conducted . Each touch that you provide on a large button that gives a mild vibration as when you run the Android phones. These watches featuring a unique design, it also has an interesting smart feature. TomTom Multi-Sport asks you to fill out a personal profile, including age, weight, height and gender. All these factors will then be accounted for mapping Your fitness performance statistics.

In addition, TomTom GPS Multi-Sport Watch features a list of activities, with features that will give you the choice of activities like jogging, swimming or a treadmill. In addition, TomTom Multi-Sport also features Graphical Training Partner, a work which consists of a mode Zone Mode, Race Mode and Goal Mode. Zone Mode enables you to calculate a specific speed or calculate speed heart rate, TomTom will measure your performance on the target Fitness while you exercise. TomTom Multi-Sport these with other fitness technology in the future. The most exciting thing from TomTom Multi-Sport other than a complete and sophisticated features is its size. This sophisticated clock measures only 11.5 mm thickness and weighs only 50 g.

NameTomTom RunnerMultisport
Key Features- Extra-Large Display so you can see your key running stats at-a-glance. - Graphical Training Partner helps you train more effectively with full-screen graphics and three unique training modes. - One-Button Control allows you to easily navigate through menus. - QuickGPSFix Technology helps you get out on your run faster.- Extra-Large Display so you can see your key running, cycling and swimming stats at-a-glance. - Graphical Training Partner helps you train more effectively with full-screen graphics and three unique training modes. - One-Button Control allows you to easily navigate through menus. - Multi-Sport Watch tracks running, swimming and cycling metrics at-a-glance.

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For MultiSport Cardio, just a little difference, i.e. support for cycling and swimming. For cyclists, MultiSport Cardio can be paired with cadence sensor for the measurement of the more complete. In addition, the sales package MultiSport Cardio also was equipped with bike mount. MultiSport Cardio can also be used for swimming. Unlike Runner Cardio, Cardio MultiSport has an additional sensor and barometric altimeter measurements. However, it turns out that technical specifications between the Runner and the MultiSport Cardio is equally associated water resistance: waterproof up to 50 meters. So, even though the Runner Cardio does not have swimming pool measuring features, but it seems to still stay safe used to swim.

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