Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Vs Lenovo HW01

In the modern era, it is currently not a stranger anymore if the objects in around us or we wear get a touch technology. One is wearable fitness tracker which is currently widely circulating in the market. The main function of the fitness tracker in addition of course to our fitness monitor, this can also increase the wearable appearance because it usually comes with a band or strap. As an avid technology companies bring innovative electronics products, Xiaomi and competing with Lenovo: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 vs. Lenovo HW01.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Mi Band 2 is the first fitness tracker of the brings Xiaomi display. The previous two models present without carrying the display and just rely on the connection with the smartphone only. Band 2-Mi screen OLED display which certainly can give a clear, although in the Sun. With the presence of the Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0, smartband can be connected to the smartphone. You can see all Your body fitness information such as the number of calories burned, sleep quality, and others directly by the careful application of Mi Fit. Application and Mi Band 2 supports only Android OS 5.0 and above.

Via Mi Fit you can also upgrade the firmware chip, set what information is displayed on the OLED display and others. MI Band 2 have a battery of 70mAh claimed able to last up to 20 days. Certainly the battery life depends on how often you turn screen Mi Band 2. While the battery recharges takes 1 hour more. You can connect the charger Mi Band 2 to USB laptop or powerbank while engaging in activities outside. With the certifications IP67, surely making this smartband have the resilience of dust or water. Yes, Mi Band 2 can You’re diving into the water to a depth of 1 meter for 1 hour. But Mi Band 2 alone is not recommended for swimming, despite fitness tracker out there be recommended for this type of sport swim.

Lenovo HW01
Provided with a certificate of IP65, Smart Band HW01 has resistance to water. Not only that, the device is also pin the strap made of silicone with a combination of stainless steel that is comfortable to use. Uniquely, this device can be used in extreme conditions and can withstand the temperatures of 70 degrees to-20 degrees in a time of 128 hours. In addition, this device can also be invited to take a dip to a depth of 1.2 meters. Lenovo Smart Band HW01 equipped with panel screen size 0.91 inch OLED tech that can display the data user activity during exercise starting from walking, calories burned, heart rate to measure the time of sleep.

Lenovo’s latest Smartband can be connected to the Android-based smartphone device 4.4 KitKat and iOS 7 upwards. There is not much different with smartband that circulated in the market, this device can provide notification when there is an incoming call, sms, email to the incoming chat like Whatsapp and Facebook. Armed with a battery capacity of 85 mAh this device can be used for up to 5 days at a time of charging the battery. Smartband Lenovo HW01 is suitable for you who still beginner and haven’t wanted to use smartband with many functions. Although at an affordable price, there was a surplus of Lenovo HW01 who hasn’t owned a lot of other smartband, namely into remote resources media player in smartphones.

NameXiaomi Mi Band 2Lenovo HW01
Key Features- English instruction and Q&A manual help you use the device. - Heart rate monitor: Miband 2 with ADI accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor - Support Bluetooth 4.0 Android 4.4 or iOS 7.0 and above smart phones- Sleep monitor will improve sleep patterns and habits without disturbing your partner - Smart bracelet can be set to automatically check your heart rate every 15 minutes with 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring - Sedentary reminder, Tracks your workouts like steps, distance, calories burned, sleep quality all day, providing daily, weekly, monthly

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When we compare Xiaomi Mi Band 2 vs Lenovo HW01 especially for the features and reviews, it is obviously knowing that Lenovo HW01 is the best one and becoming the winner in here. However, MI Band 2 is better in terms of accuracy and from all other point of view. But still, Lenovo band just reads your HR with ease and it’s more accurate. Mi band 2 HR sensor has difficulties to read the HR even for dark color toned skin.

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